What A Blast!

When I was 20 something my friends and I would regularly go to the park and play tackle Frisbee in the summertime.

Rule#1 You must be drunk or nearly there to play, sober people not allowed.

Rule #2 If you're not there yet keep working on it, drinking during gameplay is definitely allowed.

Rule#3 Try not to draw blood or break bones.

Rule#4 Sometimes blood and broken bones are inevitable, they'll get over it eventually.

Rule #5 There are no rules beyond rules # 1 and 4, go for broke!

A  wise Shaolin Monk martial arts instructor once said to his student " Remember Grasshopper, a good buzz is a good thing, enjoy! You'll only be young once, so **** up while you can and it won't have too many repercussions. A well thrown Frisbee to the head will disable your opponent, aim well and throw hard Grasshopper!"

neonshades neonshades
51-55, M
Mar 14, 2010