Here We Go

The baby will take her meds without hesitation. In fact she's take/eat dirt if you put it on a spoon, not the pickiest of children. My son, however, fights it with all he's got. Today wasn't as bad as normal but he began with the excuses... "I not sick mom" (as he stifles a cough), "my finger not hurt mom" as he tries to wiggle it without wincing. This game can go on and on. I try to persuade him and sometimes even taste it to show him that it's not gonna make him turn into a green eyed monster and sprout horns. If it gets too bad then the syrup goes into a flavored milk drink or even his cereal (he cleans the bowl every time). I will admit that the one he's taking now is rather nasty but today I convinced him that it was candy flavored and he went for it. When I remember I have the pharmacy add a flavor to it but yesterday my brain was in over drive. 9 more days at twice a day and he's finished. Looks like I'll be taking it with me to work on school days when he's with the idiot to make sure he takes it.

mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
36-40, F
Mar 1, 2009