Camping Dare (true Story) Part 2

We were naked. It was dim in the tent and the table was blocking my view of him.
He dared me to face and look at him, I dared him to do it also. And there were where, looking at each other. Not able to see each others nakedness in full due to the small table. He dared me to take my socks off. I dared him to turn off the light. He did so.

Now up to then it was more or less a harmless daring game, a bit of curious nudity but I didn't see anything, so it was OK.
He dared me to put on my covers so he could also. I agreed. I told him it was a half *** dare due to him just wanting covers. I chose dare again and he paused for a long time. His breathing getting a little sharp and then he finally said. “I dare you to get under my covers”. I became silent. I was scared to. We both were naked but I couldn't see him and that seemed OK.

So I got up in my full naked-ness, walked over to his side and laid down on his sleeping bage and looked up into blackness. It was cold and I was freezing. Our shoulders were touching and I could feel the rapid breathing on his part. My heart was beating hard. I had a thought to quite the game and go back to my own bag but then I asked. “True or dare” he chose dare of course. I didn't dare but I did. I dared him to face me and he dared me to also.

Two best friends. Naked, facing each other in the tent bought by his father in his back yard. His breathing hot against mine. We were really close, our noses almost touched. I was looking into his eyes thought I could barely see them at all, but I knew he was looking right back at me. I heard him shuffle and then then give a little under breath whine, as I felt something poke into my lower thigh. I realized just then that he was hard, very hard. He was hard against my thigh. I became hard and grew against his lower stomach. He gave a little whimper and leaned in. I froze as I felt his hot lips close on my soft ones. I was stunned. I couldn't move. My best friend. My male best friend was kissing me. I was kissing back. He was moving down his hand to my ****, touching it. Pulling at it. I gasped, he frenched me and bit my lip, I became lustful.

At such a young age I can't fathom being lustful. but I wanted him. That kiss, that touch, that bite sent me to an extreme hardness. We were both virgins and didn't know how to have sex. How to ****. So we just touched and massaged and kissed lustfully, crazily. He asked me if I wanted more. I gasped a yes, but didn't quite know what he meant. He moved down the blankets and began to suck my swollen penis off. I gasped and moaned. It was heaven. I had kissed a girl before. Played with her, had her play with me and do what he was doing but I had never felt anything like it. It was amazing. He was sloppy and drooling everywhere with the occasional gaging but it was hot and I massaged his head, and moaned into my pillow over my face.

He stopped hesitantly and kept going, I freaked out and shot into his mouth without warning. He gaged again as he lifted up. He came to me and kissed me. I tasted him, and myself. He wanted me. I gave him my first ever blow, he gasped and moaned and shot and I drank a little and kissed and made out with him. It was extacy.

In the morning we awoke, kicked off all the blankets, stark nude. Myself laying on my back and him on top of me slightly. Our breathing as one and at peace.

That was the first and last male/male sexual experience either of us had. We are still friends, still on occasion when were are not in other company reminisce and reply it jokingly to each other, but that's about it. I could in some ways say it was a dare gone wrong, but in others I could say that at least we experimented before we were older and got out male lust out of the way.

Though this has been in story form, I have to say the reason why I remember it so well was because it was always brought up between us and the details shared, and it hunted me as I tried to find my true sexual preference. But in the long run I'm thankful for that Camping Dare.
andyen andyen
22-25, M
Nov 8, 2010