More Of A Lost Bet

This just happened this past weekend...

I have a really close friend named Sheila. She and I talk about pretty much everything. We aren't dating or anything, and probably never will, we are just besties! Anyway, we were playing around one day, and made a bet that whoever got a lower grade on our upcoming test had to do some dare by the other. Well, obviously from the title of the story, I lost. She knows like everything about me, and thus knows what toys I have/don't have. So she said she would dare me later on, for the weekend.

Well this past Saturday was a girls day out with a bunch of our friends (about 5 of us) and we were planning on just hanging out around Austin all day. Well, Sheila showed up early in the morning to my dorm room and said she had my dare ready. I said ok and she came in to tell me. She pulled out this package and said "I dare you to wear this all day". I was thinking it would be some really embarassing dress or something, but when I opened it, it turned out to be a wireless egg vibrator with a remote! I looked at her in shock, and she said I had to put it in and leave it in all day. She also said she got to have the remote. She quickly opened it, put the batteries in, and gave it back to me (keeping the remote). She told me to put it in as she turned around. I thought about not putting it in and just hiding it, but she instinctively (as if she was reading my mind!) said "You better put it in, I will make sure if I have to!" So I did. Once it was in, she turned back around and checked to make sure it was working. I wasn't ready for it, and wow it was strong! She turned it back off and said "You'll have to make sure to hide the fact it's on or else everyone will know!" And then we left to meet everyone else.

She kept it off for a while, turning it on only once in the walk over to their dorm. We all got in the car to leave, and she still left it off. She first really turned it on when we got to a mall in Austin. While I was climbing out of the car, she turned it on for a few seconds. I did my best to hide it, but I still wasn't ready for the wave of pleasure, and I'm sure that at least one of the other girls noticed. Anyway, she occasionally turned it on while we were shopping and looking around, but nothing too serious. I was actually starting to enjoy myself. I've never done anything in public before, so this was completely new to me.

Anyway, at lunch, Angie, one of the other girls, asked me what was going on because she kept noticing my knees buckling slightly and my face kept changing all of the sudden. I was about to come up with some lie when Sheila pulled out the remote from her bag! She said, "I dared Haley to wear a remote controlled vibrator today for some fun, and so far it has been pretty fun!" Angie asked for the remote, and Sheila gave it to her! She cranked it on to about half power as we were sitting eating and they all watched my face. I tried to hide it as much as possible, but I couldn't stop! They all got really excited and decided to share the remote for the rest of the day! I gave Sheila the ugliest glare I could muster as they kept changing the settings constantly (though never turning it off). I said I'll just go take it off, but they all agreed that they would forcefully stop me from going to the bathroom. I said I would take it off right there at the table if I had to, but they said that would break the dare and they would embarrass me even more if I did (one of their ideas involved taking my clothes off and running off since there were more of them than me) so I didn't test to see if they would...

So the rest of the trip the egg was on. I was getting really embarrassed as I was losing control of the situation and about to ****** in public for the first time. I asked them to stop, and they refused saying it was too much fun and that I had to cause it was a dare. I told them that I was getting close to orgasming and they got really excited and turned it up to full power while we were at another mall! I said oh **** as my knees buckled. Two of them caught me as I was orgasming and they were all giggling quietly. They left it on high for a bit to see my "continued ****** face". I decided to just go with it as it was obvious I wasn't going to stop them. They were nice enough to turn it off in the car, but as soon as I stepped out it was always back on. They enjoyed themselves (as did I) as I had another 4 ******* that day (once during a movie, twice at dinner, and one more time as we were paying for some clothes at Kohls.

At the end of the night, Sheila said she was sorry that it turned out that way, but it was her plan all along for it to happen. She then said "Next time just beat me on the test and you won't have to do it!" Overall it was a great day, and I'm definitely keeping this egg ;-)

BTW I just added some pics of her on my profile if you wanna check her out (she's smoking hot!)
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best story i've read all day!

Next time, beat her on the test, and then do the same thing to her!

Thank you for sharing that wonderful experience

What a great story...very exciting...would have loved to have seen your face

What a fun set of friends you have. I did something similar with my partner at a party once.....great fun. I'd love to see the pix!

thats a really hott story and i really enjoyed your frankness and vulnerability! thx!

hmmm you're a brave girl... and a satisfied one too, I'll bet. Would love it if you added me, would love to peak at your fotos.<br />

Wow... oO You've got my admiration for managing with it. I'd never agree to a dare like that myself - Sounds like a torture to me! <br />
I would've been WAY too scared of losing control and wetting myself out there...

What an erotic story. I would love to see the pics of your friend Sheila.

That sounds like it would be great fun to be on either end of the controls.

Awesome story!

love the story **** pantys all wet tooo!!!!

Great story, please add

I loved this story. I tried to write on your board but i am not your friend ..... just a fan. I guess i will tell you here. I had this new secratary and she was pretty much of a bimbo to the point of how did she ever get this job. Anyway, I brought this new wireless butterfly to work and put it on in my office. I then proceeded to give the button to my bimbo secratary and told her to use it whenever she needed my help instead of the com system. To make a long story short ....... I had a nice smile on my face for the 8 hours she had worked and went hom well saticfied.

Wow your friends are fun girls... :) and you your self as well i would love to be around you guys ... I loved your story ...

I like truth or dare, would you like to play sometimes?

Wow, thank you for sharing. Very hot!!

Wow! Now that is a wonderful story, thank you for sharing. Oh how I would have lusted to have been there. A little off topic but your s/n for this sight is very accurate.

Thank you that was an amazing story, i really enjoyed it.

Wish i had the controls. You would have orgasmed more than 4 times.