Wife Nude Dare

We where at a party one night and everyone was very drunk. Someone suggested that we play truth or dare and I thought here we go again. as the night progressed must of the dares where simply kiss the person to your right, flash your boobs etc. The host said that there was one dare that he thought no one would do, and you guessed it my wife got it. She had told the truth all night and on this one occasion she picked the dare. she had to ***** off and walk around the house in the nude, then join the host and his wife in a *********. My wife being a sport said ok and she ******** and walked around the house in the nude, the guys where as horny as anything one took a pic ,when she came in I seen her head to a room with the host and his wife, to finish the dare. Some off the single guys in the group where still playing the truth or dare and I dared them to go to the room and join in the fun, I went down and had a
sneak look a little later and my wife was enoying getting gang banged,

what a night she had and I got to watch it all. I love to see my wife enjoying herself.
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Always good fun. Very sexy

great photo! Very sexy wife and terrific attitude. Please add me!!

she's quite a woman - glad it works for you. love the outdoors pic

She's very cute

Nice story and great pic, thank you for sharing


Great story and beautiful photo.


AWSOME pic and story!!!

best night i cud imagine for me n my wife

She is a gorgeous woman! I love her curves. It must have been so exciting seeing her naked in front of your friends.

Wow! What a fabulous night. I'd love to play this version of ToD with my wife and some good friends. It sounds like a lot of fun!

Great fun

Great story

I'd love to play truth or dare with your wife.

Great adventure!! Add us and read ours as well... Let me know what you think!

Such a naughty wife, very hot!

very hot

Sounds like your wife may have enjoyed it more than you!

one awesome dare story........... thanks

great picture, love dare games as well.

loved it! you are a lucky man