Pizza Delivery

My wife and I make silly bets, ones that you cannot really predict about how it's going to turn out. So, we both loose and have to submit to the other's dare from time to time. Well, the last time that I lost, she made me walk naked around the block. So, when she lost, since we were now doing the naked thing, I told her that she had to greet and pay the pizza boy totally naked. Further, I told her that she needed to trim up her ***** so that there were no wiskers and that she needed to bend over for him, exposing her *** and ***** to him, as she searched her purse for money. I watched from my hiding place behind the couch as she totally, without any self-conciousness, expose herself to the young high-schooler that delivered the pizza. He must have been at least 16 in order to drive, but he was very young. I could see that the kid was driven totally wild with desire. It made me want to see her tease and be ****** by a young kid. Well, maybe next time!
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If she's on birth control, you should tell her to ask the next one if he has a rubber. If he does she smirks, throws it out the door, pulls him inside and screws his brains out. After the deed's done she tells him not to forget his condom on his way back. If he doesn't? A bigger smirk, followed by "perfect."

She is a beautiful women and I share your fever of making life fun and sex sexier

any pizza delivery jobs going in your area Can you tell me how to get on friends list & how to put people on mine

I would like to have my wife totally naked when the pizza guy comes. But she will be pretending to be my model that I am painting. Of course she would have to have a vibrantor inside her and maybe I will make her play with herself while I tell the pizza guy to just let me finish a few more seconds of painting. I would give her a few other instructions just to get her nice and horny.

I'm a pizza man, but never had a woman meet me totally naked. Though I have had women show up with just a towel.

16? wow!!!