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Naked Together

I was with my best friend Katrina, we were 14. My friends & I always played truth or dare (as you know since I just posted another experience.) We usually played in a larger group of at least 4 girls. But, Kat & I were bored so we decided to play on our own.. & it was the best game of dare I ever had! This is going to be another long one, I hope you don't mind.

She dared me first. She dared me to take my top off & sit there like that through the rest of the game. I said that I would do it but only if she did it as well. So, I took off my top first covering my naked chest until she took hers off. She took her top off & said on the count of three we move our hands.. so, she counted & we did. Her breasts were perky, pointy nipples. She was built petite & probably an A or small B cup. I couldn't stare obviously so I just had a quick glance. I took mine off but, being slightly heavier than she was I had a C cup by the time & my  breasts were much larger.

I had to dare her now I dared her to take off her pants during the rest of the game, we had a blanket on us at the time. she was at one end of the couch & I was at the other. Our legs were stretched out by each others sides. I could feel her hips. She said she'd do it, but of course only if I did too. I took my pants off no problem, I was under the blanket. Than she took hers off. I could feel her legs brush up against my naked hip & butt when she stretched out again. I can still remember the butterflies I got from it. We were both completely naked now under this blanket.. I was getting really turned on but hated that I couldn't see her. I dared her to get out from under the covers & dance totally naked with the door to my backyard open. She was thinking about maybe not doing it.. but, she did. She got up covering herself at first & open the back door. She took her hands down & faced out the door she lifted her arms above her head & started  moving her hips back & forth & dancing. She turned to the side & I could see the outline of her breasts.. I saw a little peak of pubic hair when she turned to the side as well.  I was just loving this, after a little bit she said she was getting too cold & came back under the blanket. I could tell she was cold her nipples were rock hard.

She than dared me to stand in front of her my butt facing her & dance with my arms up & spin around. I got up & raised my arms.. I spun around completely naked in front of her & moved my hips as well. I loved her seeing me like that, totally naked. I sat back down, not feeling the need for the blanket & she felt the same way, it was barely covering us anymore. She than dared me to sit closer to her & lick her breast. I was so excited, I came over to her & bent down & placed my hands on her side & licked her breast, her nipple was hard across my tongue. I than dared her to push her breasts up against mine. She came over to me kneeling on the couch & pushed her breasts against mine. I could feel her naked crotch on my leg, it was warm & I was getting really wet & horny. We were running out of things to dare each other so we just dared each other to rub each others breasts.. she grabbed mine in her hands & I grabbed hers. I could tell my nipples were really hard under her hands & hers were hard under mine. That's all that I can really remember, even just writing it has turned me on! I'll never forget that experience, I can remember it like it was yesterday.

xxLeighxx xxLeighxx 22-25, F 76 Responses Feb 8, 2010

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I guesss... i shud dare you something even more sexier n spicier ..hehe

Lovely story of young adventures, thank you for sharing. Btw, I enjoy the long stories, much better.

Glad you liked it, hun! It's a fond memory for sure ;)

Would you want your daughter to have a similar experience (not sure if you have one) and if so what would you do if you found out

I don't have any children. Honestly, kids are going to experiment and it's our right to explore our bodies and sexuality. I wouldn't be mad. It's not up to anyone to tell you how or when to explore your body. I would educate and talk about being safe :)

Very sexy story and I loved reading it, thank you

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! X

So were y'all even wearing a bra and panties

We started clothes but no not later on. We were totally naked.


Damn, that was a god afternoon's work, thanks for sharing. Love to be added.

Happy to be friends! X

great story,thanks for u think about that experience when u ********** now? Did u play with her again?

I think about it often... And it always gets me hot. We didn't really do anything like this again. But we would make out sometimes :)

Great story I got really turned on by reading it and details

Glad you liked it... thinking back to this still gets me worked up ;) x

Did anything happened after that between the two of you ?

Not really unfortunately. I wish! We made out a few times for fun... But that's about it. :(

i love it!

Glad you enjoyed it xxx

that's a good story

Thanks sweetheart xxx

horny story!! x

so sweet

Nicely written, I could picture it,

I'm glad you liked reading about it :)

that is so beautiful

Aw, thank-you :)

This has turned me on so bad


mmm hot

Your story is very sweet, cute, and sexy all at the same time and the visuals are very strong. I can totally picture you two going back and forth like that, a little shy and hesitant at first, then more uninhibited as you discover your mutual joy of the moment!

And, uh... yes, it was HOT!

It was ALL of those things. It started out innocently. It was so much fun, I loved it. I wish I could do it all over again. Katrina was one of my first loves and experiencing those things with her was just amazing. It definitely WAS hot, hehe ;)

Nice experience. I can imagine how hot it must have been doing that!

I LOVED IT! I can't even express. It is easily one of my favourite "sexual awakening" moments. I wish I could go back and do it all over.... Although, knowing what I know now... It would have gone much differently ;)

You know what they say about hindsight... but your early experiences don\'t have to be perfect, they just have to BE! Just be grateful you had it. ;)

That\'s really true!

Isn't it interesting that we find it easier to do brazen things in the context of a game that we wouldn't dream of just asking for normally. Great experience. Thanks.

Love the story

thanks xxx

Would love to have been there to have fun in that game of truth or dare

Thats my game or trueth or dare...funnier....You telling also started getting me excited...mmmmm

Glad you liked it ;)

I remember one summer, the girls next door were playing in their garden, it had a high fence, I heard them giggling, I looked out of my window and saw their jeans on the floor, they had a large sheet over them, and were messing around, then I saw their top's pop out, I imagined what colour knickers they were wearing, but I didn't get it right, because, a few minutes later a pink pair, and a white pair of cotton knickers landed on the floor, their giggling got louder, then WOW!, my neighbour slipped out and I saw her completely naked, my willy went hard in seconds, as I saw her boobs and *****, she ran indoors, but came back out a few minutes later, and carried on playing naked....

Wow!!!! That must have been so arousing to see. I'm jealous.

I'd love to see you and me in the same way, both naked...

It was very arousing for me, I had to take myself in hand...

Thanks for the story. I remembered my first experience with a girl. I knew i was heterosexual, but the thought of exploring with another girl just turns me on. One of my new friends that time was a bisexual. She was just so attractive and sexy. We agreed to make her my first was one of the best sexual experiences of my life...

Ah, horny young girls...Love 'em!

We were pretty bad and always horny ;)

I loved the sheer innocence of it all

Innocent exploring was the best. It made everything so much more intense.

Exploring our bodies is fun, plus I always liked to see their pretty knickers...

great story hon

Glad you liked it. xxx

wow that was hot. nothing like innocent sexual touching.

So true! I wish I could re-experience everything. It all felt 100 times better the first time you experience it.

I remember those days when you're first experiencing sexual feelings and seeing the sexual parts of another person the very first time. It's magical.

It is! Words can't even describe it. Same with seeing **** for the first time... it's just all so new and incredible.

My first ****, if you can call it that, was soft ****, playboy. Then my first real hardcore **** I watched was in the Marine Corps. That was so hot. I couldn't wait to leave so I could jack off. Now I go to a theater and watch **** and just drop my drawers in the theater and jack off in the seat, just like everyone else.

I didn't know you could do that! I would LOVE to hear about that.

oh yeah, there's this theater here in San Diego, it's called the Jolar Theater. The front is an adult store with toys, dvds and other cool sex stuff. Then in the back you pass video booths and girl watching booths. You pay for the booth and a tip to the girl and you go in and watch them ***** and ********** for you. Then further in there's a multi-screen movie section. It has 4 large screen flat panel TVs. Each one is playing a different movie. It's separated into 2 sections. Each section has about a dozen or more big seats. Everyone in there watching has their pants down. I've even seen couples in there playing. If you like while your watching sometimes you'll get a blow job. I was there about 2 weeks ago and got a mind blowing bj. It was probably the best bj I've ever had.

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love the story, hot

Thanks ;)

..great sure know how to tease a man's mind...

Hehe, I'm glad you liked it ;)