i love to play truth or dare. have foe a long time.however i like  it much better to give the dares its just not as much fun to do them anymore. Anyway afriend of mine loved to do dares she also had a friend randy who would do anything on a dare.any way both girls were the friends of my girlfriend at the time,Shot story she left they didnt. Mary loved to make dumb bets  anyway she bet me the number of cars that came down th road i lived i live on a dead end road so the only cars that came down the road were mine and my nabours and he was out of town.and i knew randie would be over when she got out of work so i bet one mary bet five we set a time limet of one hour and i went back to work in my home workshop. when the hour was up and i won i told mary she had to clean up the mess in my appartment  which was the et but i dared  her to do it in just her panties.  randie started to laugh at  her when she said no that she would be imbarrased which mad mary a little angry and defencive .and said randie wouldnt do it why should she .the next thing i knew randie was standing in my liing room in a black string thong.mary never likes to let randie one up her so she ******** to her skin and started cleaning. meanwhile randie was still standing there in her thong and laughhed which made mary even more pissed off and she yelled at her why dont you do some thing .randie said like what mary waved her off and said take out the garbage.dare me said randie and mary did. she said i dare you to take the garbage out nakid. randie took off the thong grabed the garbage bage and went out the door which mary promply locked.brandie had to go all the way around to the front of the house to come back in not knowing if anyone would see her.

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I play to lose I love doing naked dares and love being seen naked