Me & My Cousin Kathrine

Well i was 18 living in the 70s Greece my cousin Kathrine was 16 we had this thing going on it started one Sunday i will call her Kath for short well she came over to our grandmother who was living in our house when she came our she went up stairs for about 1/2 hr then came down looking for me i was in the barn looking at some dirty **** books she was calling out my name i call myself Jerry for here Jerry Jerry where are you i was so into it reading watching tugging my self didn't hear her then out of the blue i see Kathrine their is me book all laid out girl coping a big **** & me having a pull Kath says hey what yo doing what is it you are doing with your **** before i knew it was a flop Jerry what are you doing doesn't it hurt pulling on your **** & why is it small now & not big Kath please don't tell anyone please Kath ok Jerry only if you let me touch it Kath it's not a good idea *** on please let me touch it i had no option but to let her do it ok Kath just grab it & start pulling it slowly til it get's bigger soon as Kath put her hand around it he came alive Jerry Jerry it is getting bigger yes Kath keep doing it soon Kath got the hang of it pulling the skin right back o Jerry it feels good i like it Kath could you sit behind me & do it the same way i was doing it ok Jerry so she did is this ok Jerry yes Kath she was pulling up & down pulling the skin right back her soft hands were go nice Kath pull it faster you sure Jerry yes Kath Faster Faster ok Jerry Kath was tugging very hard & fast soon my body was going stiff Jerry it is harder Kath please Don't stop now my legs out stiff my balls working like mad o Kath o Kath then with a big thrush i was squirting everywhere o Jerry o Jerry what is this Kath please don't stop she was still tugging hard & with every squirt my body would shake till it stopped Kath's hand was covered in white sticky goo Jerry what is this stuff so sticky & gooey Kath it is what we do for pleasure when there is no girl around i gave her some tissues to wipe her hands Jerry i like it can we do it again yes soon Kath i have to check make sure no one is around so i went upstairs had a look my Grandmother watching TV i asked where is mum & dad o they have gone away will be back late tonight ok thanks Gran i then ran back to the barn hey Kath guess what my folks won't be back till late tonight o good Jerry then we can do it a lot of times Kath it is not a toy i cannot do it to many times ok it will hurt ok yes Jerry after a while Kath said come on Jerry i want to see it again well alright Kath so i pulled down my jeans then my jocks which my **** was stuck to them from before Kath started to play with it soon it was all go again Kath pulling hard again this time it was like her hand was supercharged i had to spit on it a few times Kathrine found a new toy to play with she loved it her smile was telling a lot of words i reached over with my hand to feel her cotton panties Jerry what are you doing Kath i can show you something else to you would like o what Jerry she then stopped i lay her down on the hay i lifted her dress she was wearing white cotton panties i started to lick her panties o Jerry what are you doing Jerry don't worry Kath it's ok i then started to pull them down with my teeth bit by bit till her hairy **** was exposed i then ran my tongue up & down Jerry what are you doing don't worry Kath this wont hurt my tongue was all over hey love hole pocking her juices were so nice my **** was rock hard trying to burst i stopped then told her to tug my **** she did & fast before i knew it i was squirting everywhere again my heart was racing from pleasure i wanted to have Kath but then we heard a voice Kathrine where are you Kathrine it was her mum my aunty so i quickly got dressed Kathrine pulled up her panties then we walked out ok what were you two doing in there nothing aunty just showing Kathrine the new calf it is white you know the one aunty o ok come on Kathrine we must go the following day Kath came around my house again hi Jerry hello Kath hey you didn't tell anyone did you no Jerry it is our secret hey Jerry my mother made me pull my panties & was looking between my legs she said i don't trust Jerry he knows to much Jerry can we do it again yes but i wont touch you Kath your mum already is suspicious you can play with my **** ok yes Jerry Kath would you like to taste it what do you mean Jerry Kath put it in your mouth can you do that of course you can Kath so she tried she opened her mouth wide as she could then put it over my **** i told her just to use her lips which she did she got the hang of it quick Kath that white gooey stuff will come out you know ok Jerry soon my whole buddy was stiff o Kath o Kath you are so good Kath Kath aaa aaa Kathe then with a thrust i exploded in her mouth i thought it wouldn't stop Kath pulled her mouth away & it was still jumping & oozing *** everywhere god what a feeling Jerry it was great i love the taste of it o Jerry i want to have it everyday well that is fine Kath but we cant do it everyday don't want to get caught i have an idea Jerry how about you do it in the toilet in an ice cream what Kath you know Jerry those that come in a paper cup o i know Kath well i you want it why not so the next day i bought an ice cream cup & she loved chocolate flavor i then went to the toilet & had a **** till i *** all over the ice cream then would get the spoon & mix it then i gave it to Kath o Jerry this is the best ice cream i ever had this went on till she was 18 then we stopped she was a virgin i was always skeptical of my aunty she always gave me sly looks i wish i was the one to have Kath for the first time never mind i still had some fun if i could only turn back time i would have had a lot of sexual fun more then what i have had slowly a bit of my life is coming out more true stories to ***.            
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Sep 16, 2012