Visiting Friends

This event happened last week i went to see some old friends they are younger than me in their late 30s they have 2 kids a boy 9 & their daughter sweet little 16 when i arrived we sat down had a coffee then their daughter cam out & said hey dad my TV system is playing up he said well don't tell me Jerry is here he knows all about these things not me Paul looked at me & said come on Jerry what you waiting for go upstairs & fix it your Mr fix it Tammy show Jerry where it is so off we went to her bedroom they have a massive house  double story as we went into the room she had little bra & panties on the floor o sorry Jerry she picked them up & put them in a basket in the corner i had a look at the TV i said what is wrong Jerry i cannot get the DVD player to play i lost it some how so i had a look it needed tuning so i tuned it up till i saw the pioneer word come up then i knew it was tuned hey Tammy lets see if it plays i opened the tray inside was already a DVD one that was burned on a pc hey lets play this one Tammy very nerves said no Jerry not that one please not that one but to late i already hit play when it started playing to my shock there was a young girl sucking on a big **** i quickly pressed the stop button & said Tammy what is this Jerry please don't tell mum & dad please don't my boyfriend Ronnie brought it over so we can watch mum & dad will kill me if they find out she was begging me so i said alright but if you get caught i don't know a thing ok Tammy ok Jerry hey Tammy i said hide from your brother he is a little snoop i then went downstairs Paul & Wendy looked at me is it fixed yes it is just needed a bit of my talented hands Tammy was coming down the stairs & heard me saying works really good you the DVD Tammy chose was good to i looked at Tammy just the look on her face was enough what is he going to tell Tammy was shocked then her farther Tammy what DVD is it then i said you know it was with dolphins not to bad Paul & Wendy said why don't you take it home & watch it Jerry thanks but next time Wendy i looked at my watch & said gee i forgot i have to go & meet someone sorry Paul Wendy i really have to go o ok Jerry if you must hey i will pop in next week cool Jerry i started to walk to the door Paul looked at Tammy & said hey girl you going to say thank you to Jerry Tammy then walked over gave me a Kiss on the cheek hugged me then said thank you i was driving away & thinking what had happened if Tammy's parents were to find out God help i still haven't gone back again it is still in my mind will update when i go back.     
Trymegbf Trymegbf
56-60, M
Jan 15, 2013