Please Tell Me What to Do???????????

Please could someone tell me what to do about a DR i see. he will not tell me any answers i ask him about test results i had done?  He gets angry and makes me think hes going to bite my head of everytime i ask a question? could someone please tell me is this normal? i have put in several complaints but they wont help me either because he is manipulating them? i have gone from one organization to another and they wont help me because of his manipulation. i think he is evil please can someone tell me what to do? i have nightmares about this man. it is wearing me down and making me feel ill. i know he is lying but he manipulates everyone. i am not making this up please can anyone tell me what to do? Thanks.


twinky twinky 31-35 8 Responses Oct 10, 2008

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Dear Waiwera thankyou for your help i will give this a try Thanks TWINKY

Twinky, I wouldn't put up with that treatment from a doctor for one minute! He is not your boss! He is there to consult with and assist you, and you don't even have to take his advice if you don't for some reason like it!

Like the others, I'd say get a new doctor. He is either on a power trip or feels threatened when someone questions him about things. The manipulations he does are a real no-no.

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dear scarlet 54,7thunders,boarderline and warriormom, thankyou very much for your ideas and support you have made me feel better i will give these ideas a try thankyou

I agree with the above. Just 1st do some shopping. Ask around. Make an apt with one and tell them it's a 1st appt. to meet them. If not that one, look again. I've done it and I'm glad I did.

You can report him to the AMA. But I would switch doctors first. Don't tell this doctor that you are switching, just have the new doctor get your old records.

Just what kind of doctor are you seeing? A witch doctor, sounds like. Find someone else.

get a new doctor. then, have all your medical records and test results sent over to the new office. set an appointment to go over the results with the new doctor. life is too short for a crappy doctor or for stressing out over someone else's behavior. control the controllable.