Please Dont Tell Me Im Nuts !!

OMG! are you for real i cant believe what is happening around me, I have been noticing strange things, And i mean STRANGE! like the sound system in the car, so yeah i was like im going for a relaxing drive to listen to some tune on the radio, i start driving down the street and the radio starts changing station all on its own and scanning for station i was like "WHAT THE HELL"
So put on a cd and damn the same thing the cd starts fast forwarding on its own and changing songs???? Man i start thinken am i being haunted by someone or something :/ ...... so now im thinken ok so what do i do about this and start thinking it was just coincidental that the radio and the cd messed up.
I then start going about my day and bammmmm my tv starts in my room "i was like ohh **** this is real, i tried turning down the volume with the buttons on my tv and the channel changed a number of times?? FREAKY OR WHAT? Done with that i decide to chill out with my laptop, so i'm sitting here checking facebook and stuff and all of a sudden my memory card flies out the side of my laptop, hitting the wall.... WOW im thinken now what the hell is going on? Who is trying to tell me something or freak me the hell out. This is unreal, the memory card clips into the side of my laptop and has to be pushed in to release it, so i dunno im stumped......
marz82 marz82
26-30, F
Jan 7, 2013