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Sex Addict

You can't surely decipher the exact words to describe me. It's not enough to say that I'm hot 'coz I'm more than that. Some say that I have a perfect smile and nice set of very expressive eyes. If you want to know me more, hit me up and take some time to visit my page as well. I posted a lot of pics for you to enjoy! J... ,the best bicurious and swinger site.
Tracykkk Tracykkk 26-30, F 23 Responses Nov 9, 2010

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I guess I'm a sex addict too! I can't stop looking at everybody's experiences on EP. I'll check out your pages as soon as I'm in a country that allows access to them thank-you xxx

good to hear that i am not only the sex addict

It's human nature to be a sex addict! lol

You're a lovely lady. Please add me.

Add me?

Please add me

Please add me!

me too!!!!

Pls add love to see more of u!!

I LOVED that story :)<br />
<br />
Nothing weird but I am 19 male. My name is Aakash Trivedi. I am from California. you are a very beautiful and sweet woman and if you ever want to talk about anything, add me as a friend. I added you. Or you could call or text me at 1 408 772 8919. We can talk about anything if you are feeling bored or lonely? I would love to hear from you. :)

Why can't sex just be sex for its satisfaction. Think itt should be legalised and available for those who want it. I am bisexual so I think you should be able to get it from both sexes and multiple partners.

How it is that there is no at least one person here to write something wise. One silly sheep followed by so many , <br />
but that is a fact and you all would agree that among mates at school class there was only two or one that had brains(wisdom). It is thanks to those two or one that we have still some good and morally stable people around the world.<br />
And yes Tracykkk - there are no words to describe you. <br />
For your information, sex is for the mature and married couple only other wise it becomes like drugs and when misused would kill and when used properly would even save lives. <br />
I am not surprised at all that today so many women and even men cry so often. <br />
Those who would fallow you Tracykkk will make you, guilty . How many will fallow? <br />
Could your conscious cope with that after 10 or 20 years unless your conscious is already dead?


I concur duraheat.<br />
<br />

I'm with you. Thank goodness for Ep that we can find that we're not so abnormal after all.

I'm with you. Thank goodness for Ep that we can find that we're not so abnormal after all.

what a randomly irrelavant story.

Sorry to tell you this (or should I be glad), there is no hope for you.<br />
I am twice you age and still horny as hell and try to wear out my wife on a dally ba<x>ses.<br />
Welcome to the human condition.<br />
Thanks M.A.

I notice you want to be asked naughty questions. I want to know, have you ever teased your **** with a butt plug deep in your *** and a vibrator buzzing in your *****, and forced yourself to ******?

i want you to be my sexual fantasy with your addiction.let me see the power of you.

I understand the compelling need to............**********..........****.......suck.........and do all that is taboo............Everyday I get on-line with my circle of sexual playmates and share our darkest desires.......

I would love to know you more and to see your pics. Can you make me your friend? You look like you are very hot and would love to see more of you. Thanks Bustacap

How would I be able to tell if I am a sex addict? <br />
I love sex, can't enough, but.....being married i don't get any!<br />

finally i found someone that likes what i like.i too am a sex addict

i think i;am but not for sure ??