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*** Together

I love to take my time! I lie on my back and spread my legs. I close my eyes and imagine a scenario - a gang bang, or seeing men jack off for or on me. I usually rub my ***** with my left hand and put my right index finger in my whole or even use my trusty silver vibrator. I gyrate up and down and in circles and imagine I am getting ****** by my spouse or a strange man or men. I squeeze my nipples, hump my hand faster and faster and I time my real ****** to the fantasy men's and as I flex my hips and lift my *** off the bed, we all *** together!

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maryjoanq maryjoanq 36-40, F 44 Responses Apr 13, 2011

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I do not like vibrator at all, fingers can do so much magic. I just do not want to be alone, I like some other girl or boy to watch. It's funny the first time but second or third time they not shy anymore and sometime they try it too. Is different from making out with someone. I feel so busy, I can't enjoy my own feelings. this way it's much better.

If you fantasize about a man jacking off for you when you pleasure yourself, I sure wish you'd add me and say hi. I totally love to "share the experience" with a woman. It's so much more satisfying than hidin' out in my room all alone.

I would love to ********** with you. Either in person or on cam. Do you have a webcam? I do. Do you like "tributes?" Add each other? Thanks.

Sounds like fun

Wow... Just like me..... I wear negligee's to bed every night. When I get horny, which is often I think of a sexy scenario. Sometimes I will put on a sexy dress or play with my nipples by pinching them or using a nipple tow. I have a bag of *****'s that I use to **** my ***.. If it's late at night I will go into the kitchen and sit on a hard chair with the ***** up my *** and under panties and gyrate so it goes way up. My favorite fantasy is one in which my wife meets another guy and invites him over to the house after we both get showers and dress into sexy clothes. I watch as he plays with my wife and I suck his **** to get him hard for her. Then I watch as he ***** her until she comes then ***** me until he ****. We both suck my wife till she **** agains.

i love to share

I'd love to jack off for you on webcam.

Hmmmm...Love to read more

Shall we *** together live?

do the guys you think of get with each other too? or just you?

I'd love to jerk off for you. xxx

nice mental image

please add me

I love that story it is hot

I would LOVE ta JACK OFF & *** ALL OVER your stomache & legz!! :-]}

that must make your day so much nicer

Fabulous story maryjoanq. It is wonderful how you fantasize so erotically as you play with yourself. It is so stimulating to read that you usually rub your ***** with your left hand and put your right index finger in your hole. Nothing excites me more that seeing a woman rubbing her ***** with her hand and fingering herself. <br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing this hot and sexy story about you ************. Love it. <br />
<br />
Cheers,<br />
<br />

Sometimes after a rough day at work and I need to unwind I just love to close my eyes and slide my hands between my thighs and fantasize about my ex-girlfriends or possible future ones. <br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing

I do the same thing.

Tell me if you want to get natural ***** ....mine is ready for widening ...

Tell me if you want to get natural ***** ....mine is ready for widening ...

Wonderful desc<x>ription! Thank you for painting such a picture of beauty for me! I loved it!

Im definitely sttoking my **** now

Waaaaaaaaaoooooo, I need mouth to mouth resuscitation now ;O). Nothing wrong with your imagination young lady ;O)

What a nice pleasure story.

very erotic watching a women pleasure her self. Sounds like your having fun.

very hot story, lets all *** together, add me as your friend :)

Very hot indeed - add me to your list and would love to skype together anytime. Skype handle - Don43151

Sounds great and you look hot!!! x

Great story. when I want to take my time I use my hand and rub my **** while thinking of someone I saw that day. Imagining how there touch would feel and how my body would react. Some times I use my other hand on my breasts. When I want to be quick I use my trusty vibrator. I have heard that a shower head works well too. ;)

i know exactly what your talking about~luv the write

I love both being in control and being at someone else's mercy for mutual ************. It takes some time to truly read someone else, but when you pay enough attention and really learn their body you can keep them on the edge for a long time. Its an extra challenge because women are complex and like a variety of things and it differs every time. The key is to learn the subtle clues that you are doing the right thing, nothing is better than being able to surrender without need to give direction. It helps if you are with someone that is not shy and will let you watch them play with themselves, not only is it unbelievably sexy but if you pay attention you will learn how to be a better lover with them.

Great story. I'll *** thinking of u this morning.

I love being naked for and ************ for women who are turned on watching me.

hot story :) almost wanted to join you in bed ;) can i lick your ***** jucies off of you ??

uh i have to get a vibrator as well

lovely, that lucky trust silver vibrator

mmmmmmmmm................AlyceNWonderland ...........great minds think alike.........

mmmmmmm ..... yum

wow...its so hot...ill love to *** with you

send me some pics & i'll tribute them for<br />
burke97 at hot male dot com

oh yeah me too but i do what a guy would do you know

We all have our unique habits of pleasuring ourselves...........our scenario's or memories that drive our lust.........feed our hungers or deepen our desires..........<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing about you touch your self and what your intimate thoughts are........I will think of this later as I lay back with my jeans open and around my knees........ as I stroke my ****............fantasizing cuming with you too............

Lovely story. Would love to see you ***!

mmmmmmm so would i :)