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So Many Times A Day.

Oh, gosh. I just can't stop myself.

I guess you can say I have a high sex drive or whatever, but I just feel the need to do it all the time. And, as much as I love sex with my boyfriend, he's only human so he gets tired, and he has things to do, so I have to pleasure myself! Not that we don't satisfy each other sexually, but gosh, I just can't help myself. Before class. After class. Heck, even during classes I share with my boyfriend at times!

And when we get home, even though we don't normally wear much anyway, I never keep anything on for too long. And, sometimes I'll feel I can't even wait until then, so if I'm wearing a skirt or cutoffs, I'll just look at him and he'll understand. I love it when my boyfriend just smiles and stays by my side (reading or working on something, it doesn't matter) while I hold his hand with one of my hands, the other inside a pair of ragged and torn jean-shorts I have on, me squirming beside him and biting my lip and then arching just before it's over.

And there's nothing like the looks we give each other when I've finished 'doing what we need to do', haha. Gosh, he loves it when I get like that. :)
rainandhayl rainandhayl 18-21, F 45 Responses Jan 6, 2012

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Lucky guy!!

We could do each other

I bet

Hay, you're almost like me. I have my boyfriend watch me too. It is hard on him to ask for it so many times a day. But we found a way together, see there is a point when boy slips over the hill and can help himself but to finish. But we tried so many times so when I touch myself he does the same but only until he is just before the top of the pleasure hill, I could see it in his eyaes, his breathing. I just keep rubbing myself to feel my pleasure and when he stops moving his hand I slap lightly the head ot it and his pleasure does not come. In few minutes he can start playing with it again. That way we can enjoy it even while watching some sport on tv.....

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Lucky guy, that story is so so hot!! Thanks for sharing.

I’m sure him just watching you please your self is satisfaction for him. Sound like you have a good healthy relationship.

if you need any help im also here to make you feel good

Happy to know women are also super horny and need ************ also a turn on for men

It's great to have that ability to *** over and over..good for you..thanks for sharing

Nice image, you squirming next to your loving boyfriend.

Wish I was. Ur boyfriend

That sounds wonderful would love to know what makes you ****** best

really tasty nice, left me too with such a really good feeling too :)

u wanna?

thanks for sharing this real life experience. You ARE throwing yourself out there!

totally know the feeling, I do it a lot and just need too cos its such a rush like an addiction, a brilliant one :)

That is so wonderful!

Tommy often sits and watches while I play with my *****. I was really shy about it at first but now it is a real turn on for both of us.

i want one

So sweet and sexy!

I loved just reading about how your body reacts....I could see your back arching and the pleased smiled on your face afterwards....I would welcome an add, please...

It will slow down later dont worry

I would love it as well. R X

I've built a toy that makes me *** several times a day when i have time to use it.....were in the same boat.

Oh, I bet you could find a market for that! And become rich and famous! After all, I don't think there are all that many male sex toys...

great story


It's great you have the freedom to do that. Sometimes we just need a hand, lol. Thanks for sharing.

I ********** two or three times a day !!!! I guess we have that in commen !!!! XOXOXO DAVID

Nice to know I'm not alone! Thanks!

it seems you have more fun time that I've expected
have you ever got caught during class or somewhere else
have fun
hug and kisses

I've been caught by my boyfriend and my ex during our relationships, but other than that... I haven't done many naughty things outside of the bedroom!

Like the topic and the way you describe your thoughts... Add me pls so we can get to know each other! Thx

Can I suck your fingers.

I know what you mean! I pleasure myself all the time as often as I can. Hell I'm about to pleasure myself in a few minutes and after reading this and a couple other hot storys.

Haha, glad to know I'm not alone. :)

I'm just like you and I'm so appy for you that our have a wonderful relationship like this. I've often had to sacrifice things because of my sex drive being so high and have often suggested hat the just be there with me whilst I sort myself out, just to share the experience, I'm such a sexual creature and I'm sick of hiding it, so to disappear to the bathroom to sort myself out just makes me feel like a looser. And yet you've no idea how many of my ex's have had a problem with it. They feel like the inadequate or like its a statement or a judgement to them, one was like "well I might as well just **** you" but of course she didn't, because the whole thing came up because she wasn't in the mood anyway. I'm just trying to make a compromise and share a special moment with them. I'm glad you've found your special one, best of luck to you. X

I would too not alot of girls are comfortable enough to ********** in front of their boyfriend let alone have him help

It s very nice and extremely hot to satisfy yourself when the other half is away or unavailable, I also do the same and she is aware of this and encouraging and vice versa. Keep having fun and pleasuring yourself! A question for you, how you do it, i mean you watch **** or do you just fantasize stuff?

Usually just fantasize. I'm not really into ****, although erotic stories are nice. Thanks, it sounds like you have a wonderful relationship too!

Yes it is. Although in distance, i have no complaints.

Lucky BF... nothing hotter than watching a girl take care of herself. I love watching, just wish more girls were comfortable doing it for an audience. :-)

So many horny men and so few women like you! Or at least I never seem to find them. Enjoy it while you can!!

"And, as much as I love sex with my boyfriend, he's only human so he gets tired..." But you wanted to keep going... which means you're not human like him! You must be a hypersexual being from another world ;)

Haha, I must be! Or perhaps a vampire bit me one night! :D And of course that would mean I'd never age, too! ;)

You sound like alotta fun to have around...hint hint

Yeah, I don't respond well to 'hint hint's.

Wow sexy

Hah, thanks!

I would love to see that. I don't know how often I could ****** in a day, but I never get tired <br />
of touch. <br />
<br />
I don't pleasure myself nearly as often as I used to, because I am a bit older. But the the thoughts are still there all the time. <br />
<br />
If we were together, we wouldn't get anything else done :) <br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing, I am at work and I am now sporting a woody filling out my Khakis. :)

Oh jeez. Don't think about me, especially at work. I have a boyfriend, you know! Haha, we never get tired of touch either. :)

I'd love it too. Too bad us guys only have a few rounds in the chamber so to speak. Some more then others obviously. But I have to admit I am jealous of how many times women could get themselves off during a day.

Yeah, it's our gift! You men don't have to go through childbirth though. You should thank your lucky stars about that!

Good point. And yes, I thank the stars quite often for that one.

WOW - I love to be there when you start rubbing :)

Uhh... I have a boyfriend, you know that, right?

Yes - I know he's in the story. This site is designed to let you tell a story... then have people post a comment about it. It would be "rude" if I didnt. No disrespect to you or your boyfriend.

Sorry, I was in a bit of a bad mood that day! I'm glad to know I can still turn other guys on, haha. Thanks. :)

how do I get you in a good mood :) and you do not need to apologize to me. I am easy going. just having fun here. no disrespect intened, ever

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Well, it's normal sweetie. You sound like such a cute couple.<br />
<br />
And I'm sure there are many things you could do to satisfy that extra horniness of yours ;)

i agree with saray, you DO sound like a sweet couple :)

Thanks so much!

I ********** 5 6 7 hell 8 or 9 times a day ...... even at work at my desk.

Wow, that's a lot!

Very sexy and hot, I love that you please yourself at work.

That's fine. I encourage you to carry on ************ as frequently as you get the urge. It can't do you any harm and it obvously gives you much pleasure :) You and your boyfriend have got it right. You need and want to do it (or else you wouldn't), so just do it. I understand very well the kind of complicity you and your bf have about this because I've been in the exact same situation in a past relationship, and all I can say is enjoy. Keep that hand inside your jeans!

I agree completely!

That is so hat and touching at the same time

I agree!