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Yes I Do!

I love to pleasure myself! I do it almost everyday up to three to four times a day. I really enjoy it especially in the shower! Its the only time where I feel comfortable with my body for what it is. Its great and I really enjoy myself. :)
Bitterrsweet Bitterrsweet 18-21, F 52 Responses May 31, 2012

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Nothing wrong with that

I would love to help you sometime

When a woman accepts that she mastrbates, somehow its very arousing to hear that. Yeah, i am aroused

I do that too.

Can you squirt

mmm sweetie.. id love to hear you play

It is so enjoyable, several times a day. I do not hide this from my boyfriend, I taught him to watch and when I'm happy I watch him do it himself. We talk about it and think it's better than with him inside me. This way we can take it easy and last so much longer and enjoy pleasure again and again

Good for you

i love to as well...2-3 × daily... id love to help you out somehow sonetime,add me and pm me hon

add me!

I feel sure there is nothing about your body to make you uncomfortable under any circumstances.

Yes I love it too. After a stressful day a nice long session of stroking really helps me unwind. When I *** I feel the tension *** shooting out of me. I just got to work and I wish I jack off right

“Enjoy your body, use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.”-Kurt Vonnegut

You sure are doing this. Good job, keep up the good work!

That's awesome!! Enjoy yourself. I do 3 or 4 or more times a day. It's fun. It's okay. When I was first married my wife barely had ever touched herself. Now after several years of marriage she strokes about 3 times a day. It's so hot. She will service herself at work at home about anywhere. One of my favorite times is this. We were at the mall and I don't what turned her on but she says to me " " I need to relieve myself". I said ok. I am thinking she needs to use the restroom you know. I say" ok go" she She says to me "Im horny" i say OH!!!! she says " i will meet you and the kids at the food court". I have to say about 15 minutes later she showed up at the food court totally relived and calm and focused and flushed. It was amazing. Now it's fairly common . It just gets hotter every time. Don't stop it just gets better. Share it with someone special and have a good time!!!

Your so hot I wish I could see it add me

Yes, ************ is so natural and so pleasurable. I'm happy that you enjoy it and yet I'm sad that it's the only time you feel good about your body. I wish I could convince you that your body is your palace and you it's princess to be served and pleasured by that palace.

Mm I'd love to help you ******

Pleasuring itself is the pattern for your love life. Get to know what turns u on.

sounds nice, i too enjoy ************! would love to do it on webcam for u! can u add me please

Ahaha ok

do you wanna try it while chating? i am sure you will love that

It's a pleasure knowing such a young beauty enjoys herself! :-) dc


I love doing it when I am in the shower too ;)

awesome! me too! ahaha

so hottt !!!

thank u

you're welcome. add me ?

i love long hot shower
would you like someone join you in there?
have fun
hug and kisses

yes i would!!!

i would enjoy that moment
super hug and wet kisses

mmm sound a very sexy lady love to see your photo's.


Wish you would add me.

U ve orgasmic eyes.


I do it before I take a shower sometimes.

Awesome !

Enjoy as much as you can, self pleasure is cheaper, and it causes less hurt feelings, and all that other emotional manipulation that sometimes with quicky sessions. Bravo

So true !

Oh yeah as I type this message. But I never let my *** go to waste nice as of dip or just down moving it around in your mouth, enjoying the sweet taste.


your hot


You are so horny - I'm turned on

aha awesome!

You just made me jerk off to you


add me as a friend doll I want to share pics

I would so very much love to watch you pleasure yourself. I would be an ideal audience by watching, helping to turn you on even more. It would be breathtakingly exciting. It would be spectacular i would imagine.

that would be amazing !

you understand sexual pleasures even though u are a virgin - lucky girl !

ahah yes !

It is nice to do it there....just hoping someone is wacthing you...

it would turn me on even more if someone was watching me !

let me help u


The shower was one of my favorite places to pleasure myself as well. I loved wearing pantyhose in the shower, and directing the stream of water in just the right place. It led to some intense *******.

wow sounds amazing !

You look really sexy may we shower together? LOL The shower is a great place though thanks for the story feel free to add me!

ahaha yeah!

I guess you are busy most of the time... Just kidding! Good for you! The easiest and healthiest way of relieving the stress! Hmmm...

ahaha.. I agree!

Seeing and reading I'm wondering if I'm able to persuade you into writing some about things that succeed in turning you on...

hmm...maybe i'll write more :)

You should do it... Definitely! I mean ... writing the story! :P

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Its great to c ur apetite and feeling good about it..great going


I respect people who are not afraid to tell that. I have really high regards for that. And hope you will enjoy it for the rest of your life.

thank you!

Love to be there and pleasure u

that'll be nice

Totally agree..About to pleasure myself ;) add me

awesome !

Thinking of you pleasuring yourself in the shower is a superb mental image - very arousing...

ahaha thanks

The female body is very beautiful and enticing and should be pleasured and enjoyed by yourself equally as much if not more so than by your sharing it with another person. Self love is a beautiful way to enjoy your wonderous feminine magnificence. The more you pleasure yourself the more comfortable and confident you will undoubtedly be with your sexuality. <br />
<br />
I am delighted that you find self pleasuring great and that you really enjoy yourself. That is exactly how it should be. So happy for you. Please continue to enjoy your body through the joys of self pleasuring Bitterrsweet.<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing this significantly interesting story. I enjoyed it.<br />
<br />
Cheers,<br />
<br />

you are so right! I do feel very sexy and confident about myself when I pleasure myself. Its the only time where I enjoy my body for what it is. I really do enjoy myself. Thank you so much!

It is my very great pleasure. I am thrilled that self pleasuring is having that effect and gratifying outcome on you. It is demonstrable of the wonderful benefits that self pleasuring provide. Now you know someone else fully appreciates your self pleasuring will hopefully enhance it even more for you and give you a heightened sexy feeling to enjoy each day. Continue to enjoy your very beautiful body for what it is, wonderous feminine magnificence.

yes! thank you so much!

ahh it's a great feeling... safe way to relieve the stress and there is no pressure what so ever..... please add me as a friend

i agree!

:) yes....good times always.....u ever use the showerhead or faucet??

yes ahaha

Soooooooo hot!

Ur not alone ;)

ahaha awesome!

its great fun!! sent the whole day doing it yesterday! lol

ahaha fun!

its really wonderful

Thank ya maam...

There is nothing wrong with ************. I either have sex with the women or I simply **********.


Its calld...No Stringz Sex! :-]}

ahaha yeah

Im about to shower and do just that lol ;) add me plz?

ahaha awesome!

Want to join me in a shower?