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I Love Pleasuring Myself

Okay here it goes well I can't say it any plainer I love pleasing my myself all day and everyday. I stay horny at work,home, and play. I cant wait to get home and ********** i don't even have to watch **** to get off. I love pleasing myself by myself because others just don't seem to understand how I really and truly get off.I use my imagination # 1 thinking about other people in the room with me. I love playing with my my breast,****,ears,toes,mouth and more..... I'm a cumslut for ************. Please if you have similar stories please share with me I would love to hear them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mocha2u mocha2u 22-25, F 64 Responses Jun 6, 2012

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You are so Sexy! Your profile picture is stunning

hey I would love to see pictures of you

Damm u made mycock super hard !! I love to ******* while I see u fingering your wet lil ***** I get so turn ed on. I would suck on your toes lick yours soles till u *** all over your self o wish I could nibble that lil kitty

The great thing about "taking care of yourself" is not having to listen to the "worn out" fool snoring later lol

Agreed... Very sexy lady. I'd love to be friends!!

Wow! Hottie!

Nice hot me up if you want a partner

Nice hum up if want a partner

Well, now I have a new fantasy woman to get off, you lovely woman

Me too -i love caressing my **** through my sz26 stretch strap silky long nylon fullslip with my sz5 *** stained pink plastic baby pants,it feelsooogood as I rub my silky nylon fullslip over my pink plastic baby pants with my **** GETTING VERY HARD AND LEAKING MY PRECUM INTO MY PINK *** STAINED PLASTIC BABY PANTS UNDER MY SILKY NYLON FULLSLIP.As I write this iam that silky nylon fullslip with those pink *** stained plastic baby pants underneath now iam WANKING MY HARD **** FASTER THROUGH MY SKINTONE SILKY FULLSLIP WITH MY NIPPLES CLEARLY SEEN THROUGH THE SILKY CUPS IN THE SLIP,NOW IAM *******,SHOOTING GALLONS OF MY WHITE STICKY *** INTO MY PINK *** STAINED PLASTIC BABY PANTS.
I love looking up ladies dresses seeing their white silky slips and pantygirdles underneath in which gets my **** SSOOOVERY HARD THAT IWANT TO LIFT HER DRESS AND RUB MY HARD **** AGAINST HER SILKY NYLON SLIP FEELING HER PANTYGIRDLE THROUGH HER SILKY NYLON SLIP,SOAKING HER SLIP WITH MY ***.

Being able to jill off is great. My partner and I went to a swing club where a contest to see who could *** last from being jacked by the hostess, led to see which woman could *** most. Lots of fun but who knows how many fake **** the women did

Pleasuring ones self is something special like being in love with yourself, I must admit I don't answer the door or the phone until I have finished my work. it often takes awhile because it builds up allday long. I could imagine you ms. lady just yummy you are. :)

Thanks for sharing. You are so right, pleasuring oneself is wonderful. No one knows our bodies like we do. I am much the same as you, when I get home from work the first thing I do is pleasure myself. I don't have to watch **** but do sometimes just to add to my pleasure. If you are interested I would be happy to share some of my moments of pleasing myself and would love to hear more about you.


Pleasuring oneself is amazing isn't it? - Been doing it as long as I can remember..even love doing it in the company of others..or secretly in semi-public's the ******* that counts...right?PS: You're gorgeous!

<p>Yes Yes Yes,</p><p>I would absolutely adore pleasuring your peripheral parts while you self-pleasured!</p><p>I envision some Old School - Earth Wind & Fire play'n in the background as you "got U'r rub on." I'd Suck a nipple, toe, and lick various other body parts as you reached peak after peak of Orgasmic Bliss! When you were TOTALLY satisfied, I'd clean you up with a warm towel and we'd spoon off to sleep for a wonderous nap...</p><p>Sound good?</p><p>PLEASE accept me as your friend and let's communicate...

... And I love know what you're thinking too... makes me reach down for a squeeze!!!

Can we be friends?

I pleasure myselft every day, four, five, six times a day. It relives alot of stress and when I have an ****** I feel so complete with myself. So natural. Such a wonderful feeling.

I always get turned on when I touch myself in front of a woman! Just 2 see them explore their own bodies is sheer exstacy for me!!! I would love 2 just watch U work yourself all up...I bet that would make any man jerk his own **** in excitement!!!

You will also like to suck my **** and penteration of your ***** full night.

Hmm, I do that some times if I'm sitting somewhere and watch a hot woman, I arrange myself just so, so when I shake my leg, you know, like nervous people do unknowing, I can make my self ***. Awesome feeling, love to share more, make me a friend :)'

girl i'll gladly help you please that **** get with this pervert.

That is VERY hot...

If u need.a Man to donor n fill u with *** baby I,d help sexy shoot multi hot loads up in u

I,d love to watch u make ur self *** baby I,d also ******* so u could watch n when I am rdy baby I,d shoot my load on ur face n.titts

Omg i love you! Sounds awesome, i pleasure myself all the time and would LOVE to watch you mmmm

Your thoughts brought my secret to thoughts. Yes, one time, I was at at sleep over with 5 girlfriends. My first time with them and I was the youngest. I only knew one of the girls. I secretly started touching myself and one of the girls noticed so I stopped feeling embarrassed I turn over.
I feel asleep and woke up so horny with my hands tied behind me and my eyes covered with a pillow cover. I was on my back and my shirt was open. My small **** and big nipples open to the air and felt two girls sucking my nipples gently pulling, nibbling. There hands was caressing my body from my tummy to my legs. I was so embarrassed and tried to get up. I couldn't believe what was happening.. They held me down with their hand over my mouth. Goosebumps and tingling all over. A hand was at first down my shorts and ************ me. I was totally besides myself as they *********** me. I close my legs but the fingers kept going in and out of me and flicking my ****. Pleasure shooting thru me and I fought the feelings.
Then I could feel my loose shorts slowly being taken off me and someone getting in between my legs. I bucked and tried to turn over but they held me down as someones lips open mine down there and deeply kissed me there. Her tongue massaging every part of inside of me. AT first it tickled so much I was laughing so hard. Then the feelings started to change and became so incredible I could not fight them. No words were said so I didnt know who was doing what. It tickled so much and I tried to say stop and stop the feelings shooting thru me and I felt my ****** shoot thru me. It was too much and they just didnt stop. Hand over my mouth and more licking and sucking on me. I came over and over as they held me tight. They wore me down and I quit fighting and just let it happened. When they finally stopped and I left me alone exhausted and I could here them doing each other. Later I woke up and my hands were untied and they were all asleep. Nobody said anything about it the next morning and pretended nothing happened. I will never forget it. Up until that point nobody has ever touched me before.

I know no one knows how you like to be pleased better than you do. So do it when can, But you can only get good oral sex from someone else. Don't keep everything to your self.

MMMMM, brown sugar, how come you taste so good?

i would love to see you please yourself add me as a friend

So honest and to the point with a simple yet beautiful story told. Enough to get the reader excited and yet leave plenty to one's imagination which is best. Hope you will make me your friend so I may keep up and read many more. Thanks

You are so awesome. Love people who are open and honest. Sometimes I have days on end when I cant stop ************ - thinking about men and woman.

My wife was much the same way before we married and even for a while after. We both got turned on by making pic's of her and that led to opening up and telling me what really got her hot and what she focused on when pleasing herself...that was all it took..we have and stil do have the hottest sex and are always thinking of ways to expant our sex and the way, i love black women and you are one of the hottest i've ever seen..

hi mocha cnt help bt get so turned on by ur storys and this one is no different iv cummed 15 times in one day on a mad one with on of my ex gf's id love to see if we could better that and since u like watchin lads jack off id b more than happy to do this for u

I think you would enjoy my story ...Check Out ;-)

im always pleasuring myself too (like i am right now). im seriously thinking about getting some toys. those fleshlights look dead interesting!

cumslut of the year, need your talent here. add me if you dare, and we can *** together anywhere.

Thanks for the story, I can totally relate to it! an nothing is wrong with you it just you have a real big sex drive. I stay horny an sometimes the slightest thing like a woman Im interested in brushing up against me or seeing some skin gets me going so I have to make a bathroom break to rub it out. How often do you have sex? cause it just make me even more horny when I get to **** every day or every other day. Its like the more I get the more I need almost like its addictive drug ha.

Personally, I haven't had actual intercourse in a year and a half.. but I often have foreplay which i truly love and also i ********** constantly so there you have it!!!!

wow thats sexy as ****...I too stay jackin my **** at least 3 times a day. And if I got a girlfriend I can give it to her all day everyday....haha she says I must be half rabbit lol

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I would love to watch you jerk your ****... maybe we'll have a little mutual matsturbation that's even hotter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hell yea huh

I bet when you *** you shoot a massive load don't u?? :)

Somtimes..if i save enough up ill have a nice amount of ***. do you squirt? We could also send videos to each other over email

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You make it very difficult not to just fall head over heels with such a gorgeous cumslut as you say,my big black **** is raging hard fro you.wish i could see more .i hope you like my pics sexy

I hope I will tooo...thanks baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why wait until you get home, I have found while driving or while at work is more exciting and thrilling then at home because of that fear of getting caught is always pressing on your mind while rubbin it.

Yes, you're right it's most

I don't think of it as that, rather its most orgasmic.

mmm, id love to lick your sweet wet ***** as you ***. xx

I surely would like that baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree 100%. No one knows you better than you and know one can please you better than yourself. I too enjoy ************ being able to control my ****** when it is going to be the most enjoyable. Would love to find a ************ club where men and woman of all ages and sexual orientation could get together and **********. Plz friend me

I know right I think there may be a mutual ************ club where you can join... I would definitely try to find one in my area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure where your from but if you find such a club, plz let me know how you went about it so I can try to find one myself. I have done ************ with others while sexting and even skype and as great as it was to watch or listen to another having the enjoyment that I was having it would even be better to be in the company of many enjoying the experience.

Baby your not alone! I'm always horny too, I used to play with myself 3times a day!! Sometimes still do! Check out my pics it shows how I do it! My technique! LOL

Sounds like you have a wondefully large sexual appetite.....Big Bunny Hugs for you!!!

Yes, I do I need an :)

I really like dreaming a girl like you. :D every time ready to be pleased. I love that thought and it makes me feeling horney.

Glad to oblige.......................

It's true that the mind is a womans most erogenous zone for foreplay. Guys are visually stimulated for the large part and most don't understand that the seduction and mental foreplay has much to do with how as well as how much they ******* during the actual sex act. I would be honored if you would add me to your circle of friends beautiful.

You really summed up and you're correct I have mental foreplay with myself and others...... I would love to have you as my friend thanks....


Hello, there thanks I try to be

I would love to watch you ********** while I stroke my ****. Would be even better to taste your juices while you do it.

Mmmm, I'd love to see a naked picture of you.

that's coming soon

very very sexy article ! Well when i ********** i put my finger inside myasshole, i dont know why it gets immense pleasure which i cant explain in words.<br />
Mocha, have u tried rim job on u ? If yes do share it.

yes. it was hot once

mocha2u your story is fabulously exciting. It is wonderful that you love pleasing yourself all day, everyday. Keeping yourself constantly horny is beautifully exhilarating, enjoyable and gives you a feeling akin to a natural ''high'' i would assume. Moreover, as you indicated you cant wait to get home to ********** after your state of arousal continues to build throughout the day. With such a glorious stimulated feeling charging through your body that you have instilled into yourself during the day, i agree, that it is more exciting and gratifying to please yourself by yourself directing your pleasure and eventual orgasmic eruption as you please yourself at the control of your own soft feminine hand. Using your imagination enhances the excitement of the fantasies, implodes stimulation, and your inexorable, eventual, orgasmic explosion.<br />
<br />
I love the fact you enjoy playing with yourself and ************. So glad to see that you are a self confessed *** **** for ************. I to love ************ and fantasizing while i do. <br />
<br />
Do you ********** with your panties on ! Your engorged **** would be luscious as it hungers for the pleasure generated by your fingers.<br />
<br />
You make me so hard.<br />
<br />
Many thanks for sharing your wonderful stimulating story. Mmmmm very stimulating. Continue to enjoy self pleasuring and pleasing yourself.<br />
<br />
Cheers,<br />
<br />

Well, Fontana you really summed everything up for me and others. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and expressions....hmmmmmm i'm mesmerized right now you said a mouthful and then some. Yes, it's truly invigorating and exhilarating for me to ********** and explode with deep imaginations and fantasies. And yes most of the times i'm wearing my underwear as i do so. I love the feeling of the soft cotton or nylon pressing against my clitoris it feels so good. wow

Thank you for your reply mocha2u and answering my question about your panties.Yes the soft silky nylon panties rubbing against your stimulated clitoris would be so gratifying. It was my pleasure to share my thoughts and expressions. Continue to enjoy ************ and would you mind remembering me one time when you are actually ************ and imagining how much i love knowing your play with yourself and ************ on your own with your imagination as your companion. Nothing excites me more than a woman who loves to **********. Many thanks mocha2u.

Hey, well I've been doing this for years and I absolutely know how to pleasure my body from head to toe. I am so in tune with my body that sometimes I feel as though I am out of my element but then I realize wow this is truly for real... Just the gratification alone makes me elated in pure delight. And the funny thing about I really don't need a partner to oblige me at all with me pleasuring myself. I can honestly say I love ************ and coming up with new and exciting fantasies and thoughts.. Just the thought of it now has made me so horny and wet well I think it's that time ttyl....... :)

i always **********... cant stop really... do it at least 3 times a day...

Just reading your responses has me so hot right now, have you seen the machines? One of those can make you hit your 25 in 10 minutes. Picturing you with one of those... thats just what Im gonna do.

Thanks for the story. I think many people pleaseure themself, just that most do not talk about it.

god ur so sexy love the story,love watching girls **********,wish i could watch u lol

SEX wthout STRINGZ attachd!!! ...NOBODY can DO YOU th way YOU can DO YOU!! ...i COMPLETELY feel you!! :-]}

you are absolutely right nobbody can do u like u..... but its more pleasurable also with two or more..

Naah, not fur ME, too many stringz, when Im done wth myself, I just go on bout my buziness ...aint gptta concern myslf wth noone else but ME! :-]]

Just thinking of you laying there getting yourself off is enough to make me want to ***!!<br />
You are a beautiful sexy woman!!<br />
Why not lay there and pleasure yourself? Ever try doing it in front of a mirror?<br />
I do, I get all dressed up and get out my ***** and put it in my *** while I jerk myself off!

now thats hot never tried the mirror though,,,but will have too

Let me know in detail how you like it!!

Also if I might add I think i'm a *** **** beccause I love to see men *** in loads that turns me on also.. When I see that the guy is coming then I'm off too I can't myself also I like the taste of *** in my mouth

sometimes i think something is wrong with me people because i can come all day and nite. sometimes it's uncontrollable at times i can't figure i out. I find myself ************ to all sorts of ****,.. from gay men to women sucking each others breast that turns me on. autofellatio, men being fucced with strap ons and ****** wow it never stops from there. i can climax back to back my imagination is always searching,seeking and finding new ways to *** i'm driving myself delirious... but i love the way it makes me feel i have to *** at least 25-30 times a day....

thanks russ i can *** plenty of times for you i hope you can *** for me daddy....

so hot, I love getting off every day...please add me, would love to be your friend.

i love to watch **** and **********, i will watch a nice long movie or a couple of short ones and just slowly stroke until i get to that point where i just can't take teasing myself any more, because its all about prolonging the pleasure as much as possible. and there are many different ways in which i like to discharge my weapon, but mostly i like making it messy.... how bout you?

i love to do the same just tease and edge me a lil until i cant it no more and then it's off to the races from there. after the first *** it's like i can't stop i myself seriously....

I'd love to read a few stories about what you fantasize when you **********...

The brain is the biggest sexual organ. Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

Your welcome Sherry anytime thanks...

Yes the brain is truly amazing I love the fact that my brain is forever thinking and coming up with new and exciting ideas,imaginations, and fantasies thanks

It is a wonderful gift to have such a kinky brain.

I think, imagination is the most important thing when you want to enjoy ************. Thinking about people in the same room is great, imagining how they ********** and please themselves ...<br />
<br />
Enjoy it!<br />
<br />
If you dare, give it a try and join me for a chat sharing fantasies - the idea of someone else ************ while we share/develop a story is a great turn on for me