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Discovering My Body

Oh WOW i have learnt how to pleasure myself in a totally wild way..not kinky but so erotic everyone should try ice
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Agreed, ice is awesome.

Yes , there is something hot , about ice , lol

I agree I touch my ***** at least three times a day my husband can't give it to me hard like I like it so I **** myself. It would be nice though to get a good hard ****

I've never tried ice when getting off.
I'm staying at my favourite hotel in a few days for a solo "pleasure session" I think a visit to the Ice machine is in order

Hi I have tried ice but gets messy lol so I do alot of edging before I come and then *** in a sock and omg the best feeling ever!!!

That sounds so sexy - thanks for sharing

I am sure it melts fast

fan of the cube yes....would like the details could already be versed in such play......

Our imaginations are off to the races....perhaps you want to make things a little clearer for us?

please tell more ,,, can I help ?

glad for your self discovery. Would you like to share your thoughts?

please tell more ! !

I'd love to discover how wild, dear! I love ice too!

That sounds hot will give it a go.

My wife loves when I take an ice cube and roll it around her nipples, the cold liquid dripping down the curve of her breast, getting the pink tip hard and ice cold, and then I suddenly suck it into my hot mouth.

I also had a girlfriend that loved those astro pops. I liked her liking them as well.

astro pops?

I had a girlfriend who "loved" Popsicles was my fav :)


Try a handful of snow sometime!

Ice is a wonderful toy. I first discovered it while chatting online late one night with a friend while I was on a business trip. She dared me to walk naked to the ice machine and to prove that I did it, point the webcam at the door to show me leave with an empty bucket and return with it full. I couldn't resist the temptation.
When I returned with a full bucket I was very horny and willing to try anything. My friend then asked me to insert ice cubes into my *** while I ***********. The sensation was amazing. I've since used ice lots of times during my play.
How do you use ice?

see below musta posted in the wrong spot...

See below

Okay, I've tried ice in two places..... there not too different than eating too much ice cream too fast. Do you mean moving it around on your sensitive spots?

As you say, mostly in my butt... Anywhere else is like, well, getting piggy with an ice cream cone.....WHOA!!!!! That's cold... I haven't done it for a while, though. Maybe try it again, next trip.... I think I enjoyed it in my bungee, but not anyplace else. Of course, size of the cubes matters... Oh, and yes, when I travel and get horny, one of my favorites is the trip to the ice machine... nude. Been caught at it by a few shocked guests, no complaints though. PS, where DO you think they get all those low quality security cam shots they sell on the web??? LOL

I've yet to see my grainy image on security cam footage yet. If someone were to tell me they saw my hiney running down the hallway of a hotel, I'd have to deny or come up with a fancy alibi quickly.

would love to hold a bowl of ice for you and you show me how you feel

What an interesting way to phrase it.

that's sexy.....

Some times that's the only way I can feel alive is by pleasuring gf is coming around and joins leads to the best sex EVER....I think there's a name for it...Oh's called "FOREPLAY"....teehee

would love to discover your body too pics would ne a nice start

Ice cubes in the *****...then u get ******...its blow hot ,blow cold baby......try it ...but u need a hot **** for it......young 28 yr old stud....hmmmm

I agree--there are soooo many ways to pleasure yourself--secret ways that take patience and the empathy and patience of someone who wants only your pleasure------enjoy yourself! Love Noelle

Never tried ice before, maybe I'll give it a try.

And I know just where to try it...

I recommend it......!....everyone should experiment to find out what works best for their sensual pleasure.