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I'm In My Office Right Now...

...and my ***** is getting very, very wet. I've already taken off my knickers and my breasts are loose under my shirt. My office door is closed but there is a window in it so somebody could see me at any point.

My nipples are extremely hard and my juices are making my chair damp. I've got my legs as wide open as I can get them and I'm stretching out my gushing ******...

My drenched ***** is making squelching noises as I thrust my fingers inside it. The room stinks of hot ****...

My left *** is out now. I'm squeezing my nipple so hard and it's glistening with my wetness. I'm watching *** facials on my computer and wishing I had a line of men just waiting to unleash their ***** all over my face and in my eager mouth...

I've got a feeling I'm going to be pleasuring myself all day

B xx
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Wow, hot!!

i would love to see yr ***** juice soak yr panties x

i want to help !

Knock knock! Building Maintainance! Im here to repair that cord under Your desk!

oh you are a cheeky little girl

This is awesome. I am very lucky and have a personal assistant that is very sexy. She does not wear panties and rarely wears a bra. I know that she fingers herself during work, even though she tries to hide it..sort of. I know she wants to get caught, but I'd rather pretend I oblivious so she can take more risks. She's a great worker, does her job, its just she's a highly sexual person. She likes to tell me all about her sexual episodes and the stories are awesome. I especially like it when my wife visits and my assistant is not wearing a bra and her nipples are poking out of her shirt.
Keep having fun at work.

woody woody woody !

I wish i could catch you in your office with your finger inside your wet *****.

If i had caught you would you let me feel inside that wet *****?

Would really love to see your photo's.

Great story must be true remember headlines about window cleaner falling off ladder smile

That was pretty hot, I hope you had fun that day at work

WOuld love to have a horny woman like you at my work place, mmmm

Love to share an office with you! Very hot.

You need to mount a web cam,,under your desk,,so we can watch your nimble fingers at play .

You sound like my kind of people,,,lol

Please *** work in my office. If you want a line of freaks and pervs to *** in your face and mouth, it's the perfect place. But you do have to promise to let me shoot the first load, okay? :)

Very good. You'll fit right in. You'll find that mine fits right in too ;)

where does the line form?

Licky -- licky -- licky!

Very very nice.<br />
You should read my ******* off in the office story. <br />
You'd like it.

I love your passion and energy! How many times did you ***?

mmmmm, simply divine, it's so incredibly hot knowing that you are that aroused each and every moment.

Wow.... have you ever been caught before, Becky? Or even suspected that you were caught? I'd love to discreetly walk by and catch something out of the corner of my eye... and position myself so that I could stare. There is NOTHING more beautiful than an aroused woman. :) I'd love to be added so I can see your pics? Please?

This is going to give me a great mental image to get through the day. Thank you!

Message me and I'll make you *** like the *** **** you are. xxxxxx

do you lock your door while you play or do the others already know you are in there touching yourself? is this a risk you are taking or does it just make your hotter knowing someone might see you.

I do this quite often in my office to the point where I even bring toys to stuff my vagina and towels to sit on as to not ruin my chair. office-************ always helps me make it through the day .... every day ..... in every way ..... and yes I am gay .... When people comeinto my office, especially women, they always ask me where to pick up the brand of room freshener I use in my office ..... Little do they know, lmao! Ode Of My Vag? Thats a great name don't you think?

Tell me where the line starts and I'll be the first to *** in your mouth!!

thats soooooooo hotttt .... I would unload my cummm any where you wanted it as long as i could move that finger of your and place my **** in your mouth ;-)

"I've got a feeling I'm going to be pleasuring myself all day"<br />
<br />
I know the feeling, Becky. Woke up with it. Which is why I'm on EP after ******* in the shower, practially undressing completely during the drive to town, and splitting my computer screen between the stock market and <br />
<br />
Have a fun day. I'll aim my ***** at that pic of you licking your finger.<br />

And why can't I work in the same office as you.

i am ************ to your story right now, but i could put it on hold to *** over and help you out with your.... situation....

I so wish that I could help! I have enjoyed reading your posts. Please add me so I may see when you post more. Thank you!

Can I get under you desk?

Very very naughty!!!