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I Just Can't Get Enough

I love pleasuring myself. From rubbing my clitty, to fingering myself, to even rub my **** and squeeze my nipples!! I started around the age 11. Been a horny devil since then!! I finger myself an every day or every other day!! I can't help but scream with how good I do ;)
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Me too! Started when I was 11 also....... still remember the first time I cummed!

I love maasturbating as well I need to do it on daily basis I started about age 13 and haven't stopped since there is something about it no one else can me *** like I do.

I wish I could have met someone with equal desires before I became monogamous. Thank god camming and mutual ************ on cam aren't cheating.

You sound incredible. Knowing that there are women like that s so hot

how many fingers can u slip into ur sweet *****????

Impressive! So do you have any toys?

mmmmm. love to lick your sweet wet ***** and erect clitty. xxx

wow thats so sexy! and I thought I was horny lol

Good girl!! Use lotion while you do it. It will make your ***** and nipples super soft!!

Hot. Ever let anybody watch?

u really r sooo hot i want to take u...put u down on the bed ***** u n ride every hole u have for lick that creamy ***** n have ur rock n ride ur ***** all over my face.... take me lover...

It's great to know what you like and even better to get it done. Thanks for sharing.

could be worse things to do

I'd probably get more sex if I wasn't busy pleasuring myself! How sad is that? I can't help
it, I'm really good at it!

damn wish i could be a fly on the wall someday

I would love to watch you.

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

This is very understandable, actually it's a given, and who doesn't. If i could I would eat you for a long time. Nipples and lips of a shaved ***** are are so delicious, they deserve licking and sucking every day to get you to ****** many times.

i can understand what you are saying you are human and enjoy sex like we all love sex i do to . vinny

Would love to have my tongue in your ***** as you rub your **** to ******. xx
Love a girl who knows what she wants

Great story wish I could watch and help

It only gets better as you get older, trust me! I had a second sexual reawakening after I divorced and then married my now husband who is a few years younger, and is totally insatiable!