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Ok Ok...i Admit It

I have an obsession with ************. I do it at least twice a day and ****** anywhere from 4- 20x. I would love to just spend hours in bed doing it but life makes that impossible.

The more I tease the better it is. But sometimes I just have to get in as many as I can as quick as I can. It depends on my mood. I also like to have sex at least once a day although it does very from 4x a week - 10x a week with a few favorite guys including my husband, who gets it first and best.

In my defense, I have been playing with myself since I was 3 years old. I managed to figure out that if I laid on my stomach with sheets bunched up between my legs, and rocked back and forth, that it felt really REALLY good. Nap and bedtime was never the same again. I tried variations but found the best was face down but in the air with my hand between my legs using the corner of a blanket to make myself ******. Of course, I had no idea what I was doing, only that it felt amazing and there was no way on earth I was going to stop unless I was caught. I had no sexual association with it, my goal was to focus on the strong feelings between my legs and move just right til it felt the best ever.

Whenever I have trouble falling asleep I can just rub one out and off to dreamland I go. That was the best was to fall asleep ever since I was a little kid. Back then, I was yelled at plenty for touching myself anywhere until I decided to be more discreet around 8 yrs old. But even then, I couldn't be stopped completely. Bathroom floor? Check! Family room? Check! Even the garage and back yard wasn't off limits. Slumber party? Too bad, I would hold my breath and have at it. No friends ever said anything about it, and if they had I would assume they were jealous that they couldn't do it the way I could.

As an adult the compulsion has come and gone, but recently it has grown stronger. I am always turned on down there and sometimes wonder if I have some arousal disorder. I have always just loved ************, while girls in HS worried about boys getting them off, I had my hand to satisfy me, although I did have boyfriends and played with them, they weren't as skilled at it as I was.

Around 12 years old I started thinking about certain boys while I did it. Somehow it had developed into a fantasy thing. Also I learned to do it laying on my back legs spread out. After I started having sex I decided to start inserting things inside me so that I could both rub my **** and have the feeling of a **** in me.

So that is my story.... A perfect day would be laying around having sex and ************. Ahh, but reality is not that perfect!

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My clitris is huge. Luvs orgasming. Mm yes,!

being with you would be my perfect day....friends?? thanxs for the story.....

has your ************ technique or approach changes over the years ? is the sesations have changed in noticeable way

I do agree with what you have experiences in your life at enjoying ************ as do I . Having grown up , like you , in how we were raised by our parents . and were caught ************ at times . To be made to feel shame for doing something so natuaral and pleasureable for yourself to do . What's wrong with that ! I had started to wonder . Though I just made me mind up . That I will enjoy it none the less . No
matter what any one else thinks ! It's for me ! No one else , unless they want to join in for mutual ************ in touching , rubbing , stroking each other to a ****** together ! ! if ever joined in that way of enjoying something as Natural and pleasurable as ************ is to me and others who enjoy it as well .! !

I wish E.P. wouldn't censor those types of words . That we all you to describe ADULT action , if we all are Adults on here to read what others have experiences . Like the kids be censored from reading this . Not us ADULTS ! !

Red Instead , I really do appreciate what you have written on here . With your experiences in ************ yourself . I enjoyed reading it so very much and found it to be very interesting and also arousing to read about it ! !

Thank You , for sharing it ! !

Fox Trot Arrow


Excellent story! You write and express your thoughts very well!

Wow .....that is a very interestin story....

I wish i could meet u on that perfect day :)

How about declaring a national holiday, we could call it "Getting Off Day" and everybody would be expected to lie around making **** one way or another


MMMMMMM Great Story, I love it as I have to ********** everyday as well to have a great nights sleep... Keep on rubbing baaby...

I feel the same way Red. Almost every day I try to find a woman to "share the experience" with. Something so incredibly hot about mutual ************ with a Perfect Stranger. I'd love to share with you sometime. Let's add each other, chat/get acquainted? I'd love that. Thanks.

Oh Dear, on the contrary, life has made it possible ..... that is if you are willing to go shopping for some toys (the kind you can hide inside you Vagina all day while you are out and about or at work). My favorite toy is a nice sized set of benwah balls. i usually put them in me then get dressed for work and they stay in place because of my thong holding them in so I dont get into an akward embarrassing accidental drop-out-of-the-vjj moment especially at work. OK ..... well ..... just something to think about. Good luck.

I achieved my first ****** at 10, ever since then I have been hooked.

Your husband is a lucky man! wow!

I do it at least once a day and like you find it helps me fall asleep. I have been celibate for the last six years since my divorce but definitely ********** a lot

I am just like you - would love to just stay in bed and pleasure myself all the time - it's awesome. Thanks for sharing the story, made me hard I go! xxx

wow sounds like a day of fun!

Your day with delights sounds wonderful to me. I rub off at least twice a day. Thank you for the story

Isnt that the truth!!! I do try to get days like that when i can

I would love watching you play with yourself and right before you *** I will bury my face deep inside you.

That sounds interesting. What is your favorite object to pleasure yourself with?

This would be fun but it must be tough at the same time.

I love teasing my **** but better yet is someone else (licking -- teasing) my **** as I beg to ***!

this is just amazing wish more women were like you!

I know the feeling....I had to rub one off when I went deer hunting in the woods, did it in my deer stand...check! LOL


That does sound like a perfect day to me too!

i thought i was a king **** in bed until i met a woman who tought me how to ****..i used to just get up on a woman and pound her good and hard,,i had no idea how to please a woman she taught me the fine lines and the touch and how to properly suck a woman..she changed me from a selfish stud to a great lover would take her a long time to get that first cookie out,,after the first one she would wait about 30 seconds for it to reside and turn me loose on her again she could *** as much as she wanted usally 10 to 15 times before she was just to worn out,,we have on a few occasions went over 20 times..she would be totoally exhausted ..we would alday sometimes 8 hours and then wake up and go at it some more..i could always hurry things along if i stuck my finger in her *** to the first knuckle ,,this always seem to make her pop when she was having a hard time getting there...just one of many tricks she showed me

Please see my posts on this-I do it more through necessity than pleasure, but I thank God for it every day! Please add me:)

always new red heads were hot but you my sexy redhead have just taking them to a new level

Dear REDinstead;
You know what? You’re normal. You were born with an instinctual drive to ******? A female is the most sexual creature on earth. That’s why you can have multiples. Society wants you to believe that women have a low sex drive and that the drive is for ******* and having kids...wrong! That’s cultural bullshit. Your body and your mind want ******* because of the myriad benefits they give you., all you’re doing is trying to find the satiation you need. So dear, ********** away and get as many as you possibly can. It’s not compulsive, it’s natural. No, you can’t get enough until you find your satiation and as you know that takes ******* in the double digits to experience. I too love to ********** and do on the average of three times a day with multiples. Mail me if you’d like to share or chat about it.

i want to help you fall to sleep

damn your incredible

I feel the same, I've been at it for two hours, I could go all night. But have to work. Thanks for sharing,

Just amazing. Thanks for sharing.

all i can say is WOW

Lovely story

soo erotic wish i was there to watch or better yet help !

I really enjoyed reading this account of your masturbatory history. One of the few things I like more than actually ************ is reading women's stories about it. I wouldn't worry about whether you do it too much or if you have some disorder. In fact, if I were your husband, I would encourage you to do it whenever you feel the urge . So...go on...keep paddling the pink canoe like there's no tomorrow :)

Relief to know that there are so many people on EP who **********! I was once told ************ too much was not good! I have sex in my head all day long and i love fapping! i love it when a lady is watching me! Go ahead and enjoy!

Glad that their are others that enjoy ************ as much as I do. I can have 4 or 5 ******* per session and can and have had several sessions in a day. In my opinion, no one knows me better than myself and no one can please me more than I can. Plz add me

I think a lot of people are ha ha ha ,join the club LOL

I started early too. Not as early as you but i was 9 when i found a book in my oldest brothers room. It was a xxx fantasy book. The book made it clear the stories werent real. There was one story that i wont go into but i can remember it to this day. I still use it as a source of joy and inspiration. There was a part of the story that talked about a woman with her hand between her legs and what she did. I tried it and have been hooked ever since. I do at least twice a day and when i have a good amount of time i can get at least 4 or 5 O's out of it.... no one treats me like i do hehehe

Yeppppppp :-)

when you ********** are you a squirter or a leaker when you ***

I was with one girl who squirted and it tasted horrible. Ive told people about it and even talked to people who swear they know more than me but they all say it tastes wonderful and not pissy..... i think there all lying lol

wanna be friends?
i also ********** a lot and very horny...

Cool story. When I was a teenage I *********** every day. Couldn't fall asleep without stroking.

You sound like me! So glad I'm not the only one!

Super hot article, thank you for sharing.