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I Play Almost Too Much ;)

i play with myself i when i wake up and just before i go to bed everynight, and sometimes during the day.. lol sometimes more depending on whats going on.. but i use toys or food or fingers, and i get into it so much i am not quiet and i make a mess when im done *blushes* that was probably to much to say but i love it so much... i mean i taste my juices while i play just to get me hotter.. does anyone else do that too?
ravegirltiffanie069 ravegirltiffanie069 18-21, F 45 Responses Oct 27, 2012

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i like to taste my own ***... does that count?

Instead of food or other things use my*********that will be better

I think just about everybody does that too. It's a great thing to enjoy yourself

******* HOT!

i like to taste my precum as i mastubate, and eat my *** when finished, either on its own or with food.

while it feels good keep on going.

Thats hot !

Thats hot !

Of course we do...guys and girls alike..******* is just so gooood..

Totally normal, former girlfriends would finger and lick their fingers...something hot about eating your own fluids

Can anybody press my boobs hard.... m 32 DD

I don't taste myself or use food, but I understand where your coming from

pretty normal :)
but i didn't know that you can pleasure yourself too much ;)

I liked you storie very well wrote

mmmmmm a girl after my own heart id love to watch u pleasure yourself babe xx thanx for the add xx

You can never pleasure yourself too much :)

Now don't neglect your studies dear

Oh wow, that's very hot. It doesn't sound like you play too much. As long as it doesn't get in the way of responsible things, it's not too much.
Now I want to play...

that is very hot!!

You sound like a lot of fun :-)

Sounds like much fun, my wife will join me for mutual pleasure occasionally. I , like you, enjoy pleasuring myself constantly. I get off at least four times per day. Please add me to your friend list.

very interesting sexy profile,stories & groups. hope to be friends ;-)

That is so hot please add me as a friend.

I just love to taste my wifes juices after she's played with herself.
It took her a long while into our marriage before she would let me suck the finger that brought her to ******, but now she even offers it to me. And she plays with herself five or six times a day- and nearly always ******* at least twice. Maybe more -


i love your stories and i would love to read your comments on my pics baby!

Sounds good to me.

There can never be too much pleasure ;)

i would love to taste you xx

Hmmm yeah love to taste myself to as I play

I would love to watch you pleasure yourself , I ********** at least twice a day !!!! XOXOXO DAVID

I usually go at it at least twice a day. The only time I ever slowed down was when I was recouping from the accident. Notice I said slowed down not stop

That's really hot.

I used to live with a girl, Id come home most days find food smeared all over the place she had a major food fetish and could not stop doing herself. Good times, good times/

I think I ********** even more than you and yes I'd love to lick your honey from your fingers as you work.

That's hot! I'd love to watch or help ;)

damn would love to be a fly on the wall in your room

I'm a two a day plus, also.

Lol, i love to get myself off too and ALWAYS taste myself. Love the taste and smell of my *****. A lot of times i will finger myself with two fingers and then put them up to my mouth like a V and pretend like i am licking another girls *****... always makes me *** even harder. so good to see another girl that needs it as much as i do!

mmm i do that alot to, and pretend like im licking other *****, sometimes i get horny later after doing that .. and have to ********** again :P


why not, if it feels that good do it everyday. yes plenty of people taste their juices, i'll lick iup my own *** everynow and then.

wow dont worry about it .It will do you no harm at all and your not alone just brave enough to admit it .Alot do it but wont admit to it .you have my respect .

Sounds hot to me and yes quite often i taste myself when im done!! Only natural if you ask me.

No bc I'm a dude but this is hot as hell.

All the time ..... while driving, while at work, especially while shopping and even with another g/f with me. I can not go a day without ************ at least 3 to 4 times a day.

That's sexy will you add me please