Stages: Moist, Wet, Soaked, Drenched, Dripping, ***

For me there are different levels and stages to my excitement and arousal, like now for instance, I am moist but know that by the end of writing I will be wet with good chance of bringing myself to climax before sleep.
.  Moist is when I can put my hand down between my legs and feel my inner lips still together but whats between those inner lips is moisture, that moisture goes to wet when I slide my finger up my slit and it opens readily for me, wet is when I can take some of the moisture from just inside my fleshy entrance and lube my clitty button with it.  That's wet, moist and wet and when in this state of feeling good I like to go further and pleasure myself more.  If I start the light massaging just inside my fleshy bit and continue with the lubbing of cliitty, bit more firmer massage and movement of hips I become soaked, being soaking wet is in a state of arousal that wants me to climax, its when I have teased myself to the extent of sloppy noises from the ****, soaked is also when my 'popcorn oil' takes on the 'love salts' taste, Soaked will be when my crotch mound is fuller, my inner lips are open and stick to the sides of my outer lips, so wet and like a sticky oil, so nice too. Clitty will be throbbing and larger, fuller, legs are wide apart too.  Drenched, drenched **** is when you are so close to ****** you cannot contain yourself, when you are shoving double fingers deep in and out, slopping around, ******* yourself like crazy, ready to ***, just a little more, see, look at this, watch, mmmmmm, yeah' ******* good, more, now, now, yeah' like that.......... Drenched, dripping, blo'ing.

I don't flood and squirt fluid around the room, my drenching is a **** and inner thigh area so soaked and damp it shimmers and glistens, small droplets of clear fluid appear.  My ******* are intense and could not get anymore pleasure.  When I am trembling and with rapid breath, chest elevations, the moaning and the bucking, as my lower half stiffens and I cannot take anymore I will have relieved so much tension and received so much pleasure from it that I crash, usually with hand firmly wedged in and around puss.
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You're very descriptive explanation of how your p.u.s. s.y gets aroused and wet ! While you skillfully m.a.s.t.u.b.a.t.e yourself to a most intense climax . That give you so much pleasure to yourself ! !

I do love how you write . So Very Well ! ! It makes it so easy to imagine I'm right there in watching you come so good ! !

Very Well Done There ! !

Please , keep on posting These Wonderful Experiences you have detailed here ! !

It's all Great ! !

Sounds perfectly lovely...I'd enjoy watching this! :)

I think this is a beautiful description of a gorgeous ******. Love to be a friend and chat


You got me so hard I want you

Oh my....just that glorious description made my **** swell. You describe those stages so well. I can only imagine how beautiful those lips look when your love juice is all over them. Mmmmmm.

According to your descriptions, I am wet most of the time. Would love to squirt and be drenched!


Amazing in descriptive prose as well as your photos. Thank you ever so much.

O M G - I'm drooling all down my chest wanting my mouth on your *****

I love to lick women until you would just about to *** and stop. I would start and stop until I frustrate you to the point you just grab me by my ears pull me into your ***** and tell to " quit ******* area eat till I *** on your ******* face!!! Then take you over the topp and lick every bit of your *** off you and out of your *****!!:)

I totally agree. Even a man can get this wet and use his own precum to lube up and get wetter. It truly is the most exciting ****** of all.

I love how you write!!

like they say, if you don't love yourself, how can you expect others to...oh to one of the select few.

oh this sounds amazing u really no how to b pleased!!

thank you xx

i'm shaking this = perfection

glad you like it.

Is there room in that story for (my) lips sucking, tongue licking, mouth swalllowing?

Love your descriptions!

nice of you to respond

Dammm you Woman !!! Just when I thought I was a smart old man,... You say sommething like this. All I knew about arousal and pushing the right buttons just went out the window. Thanks for sharing....Made my day!!!

That certainly is a great discription. Got me aroused.
Well put.

We just added you to our circle, would like to be friends. Let us know.

fantastic story, I don't wear any kind of pants but you got my **** rock hard when reading

Very good definition for the pleasure crescendo

You paint an arousing and delicious picture .... you're making my day brighter .... and harder .. thank you :)

Bet you are one sexy tasty treat to lick out to ****** after ******!

omg my panties are soaked now, i may have to do somethong about the situation

I was totally entranced and then aroused within a few short lines i was totally erect and wanting you so bad, by the time i had read your entire description of your most intimate journey into self pleasure I wanted to explode. You write the most amazing and sexiest blogs I have ever read ...totally in awe of you and left wanting you xx


Mmm, great story, thanks! Love your description of the states, with each getting wetter than the previous!

Wow! Add me I need to see your wet *****

Weboth become wet just reading your stories, but this is the best so far. Please add so we can see what you are descibing. Thank you.