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As I've written before, when I was a young girl, I had a friend I'd sometimes get to see when we went to visit my grandparents at their cabin (which now belongs to me). She was the granddaughter of some my grandparents' friends and was a couple years older than me. Whenever we'd get together we would go for a hike around the lake--naked. We'd start out in our bathing suits, of course, but once we were out the the view of our families, they'd come off. We started doing this when we were younger so that we could sneak into the water (where our parents didn't want us going) and not have wet suits when we got back, but as we got older and became better swimmers we just did it because it was "our thing."

One of the last times I saw my friend--after my parents divorced my dad moved in to the cabin, so my grandparents stopped vacationing there--she was in the middle of puberty, though I hadn't started yet. This time, she was a bit reluctant to get naked, but I egged her on with how it was tradition and she eventually succumbed. As she took her bikini bottoms off, I noticed that her body looked much different. I started asking questions and she eventually told me how good it felt when she rubbed the "bumpy part" at the top of her vagina. I asked her to show me how she did it and--amazingly--she sat down on a large boulder and started to finger herself for me. Within a minute or so she was moaning quite loudly and I became intrigued and decided to look for my "bumpy spot," too. It wasn't hard to find and the feeling that came over me when I did was like something I had never felt before. I don't think I reached ****** that afternoon, but I certainly found a new hobby.

As I started to reach puberty myself, I was starting to ********** quite a bit. Usually I did it in private--at night in bed before I went to sleep or while I was in the shower, mostly--but one day after school on one of my mom's days off I was doing it while I was studying in bed. My mom unexpectedly walked into my room and caught me...and boy did I get an earful!

My mom is a very devout Catholic and the Catholic church has some pretty strong beliefs against self pleasure (though I've yet to find anything in the Bible that specifically speaks to this...but I've explained that already in another post). The way she scolded me, you'd think I'd murdered the Pope! My mom's lecture, of course, did nothing to stop my habit; in fact, it probably made me want to do it more out of spite. I just got a lot better at hiding it.

These days, after a hard day at work, there is nothing I enjoy more than coming home, ripping off my clothes as I come through the door, and jumping in to bed to get myself off. I usually lay there, massaging my **** until I ***; sometimes making myself *** two or three times if I'm really enjoying it. Sometimes I even start on the way home, since I often wear dresses and no panties, giving me easy access.

Sometimes I don't even wait to leave work--I have a small vibrator I keep stashed away in an old computer speakers box in the bottom of my desk, so when I need a quick pick-me-up, I just have to shut my door, roll my chair up to my desk, and spread my legs...hey, some people need coffee breaks, some need cigarette breaks...I need ****** breaks!
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Did you ever go on a hike and pleasure yourself in the woods?

Great experience. I can relate to needing to ********** often.

I learned to ********** in a very similar manner. Still enjoy it.

It's like a drug isn't it? Especially if the ******* are very strong.

How do you keep from making noise when you pleasure yourself at work?

At work it feels great. Thanks for sharing your story.

It's a beautiful life! :)

Great story, great attitude, great fun, thanks for sharing

Great story. I would often go in public washrooms and pleasure myself when I was younger, or stop by the side of road of long trips and pleasure myself right there (in the car). It's a great way to have fun.

Have you ever staged it so someone "caught" you ************?

Very cute story...several times my mother interrupted me when I was indiscreet. She just closed the door and maybe said to lock it, or be more discrete other places.....