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Warm Shower

Just enjoyed a nice warm long shower. I was washing my hair when the pulsing water bounced off my right nipple. I didn't aim it there it was such a nice pleasant surprise. The feeling tingled all the way down to my *****. Of course I then decided to turn and angle it right on my breast again this time on purpose. Ohhhh the feeling soooo good. Watching the water pulse on my nipple as it hardens. Sends shivers all over me. A little soap to gently lather and lift them up directing the nipple right to the stream. The water massage feels so amazingly sexy on the breast and the nipples. Next thing I knew I was stepping back a bit and parting my legs. The water aimed lower and feeling it pulse all over my *****. Only takes a couple of minutes to bring an ****** the water is so sexy and feels so good. Love it!
warmnippyfun warmnippyfun 36-40, F 3 Responses Feb 3, 2013

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Wow ! ;}

mmmm you like? ;)

Lovely, thoroughly enjoyed this story. :)

One of the best feelings!