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My Sensual ************

I wake from my sleep always very horny and semi hard where Ive been constantly and gently rubbing my constantly slippery wet **** whilst wearing my soft silky satin panties
and plastic nappy wearing it just makes me feel soo wet slippery and horny im constantly
feeling and gently stroking my **** until im just on the verge of ******* then I slow down
and gently tease myself with thoughts of worshiping two beautiful lesbians while wearing my softest silkiest satin panties and outfit I fantasies the girls are gently spitting on my face and **** while im rubbing myself looking at them playing together I carry on gently teasing myself for ages then suddenly cannot hold myself any longer and my warm *** just spills out everywhere I then love rubbing it all over my nipples and body while still thinking of worshiping two beautiful lesbians and being their sissy boy I ********** sometimes all day It makes me feel soo relaxed Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

deleted deleted 26-30 Feb 4, 2013

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