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I Have An Excuse!

I take care of myself at least once a day but multiple times most days. My 'excuse' is that I have a major foot fetish and you end up seeing feet and toes all day long esp in the warmer months. Played cards at a friends house the other night and his hot wife was barefoot all night. After 5 hours of checking her out I was ready to explode. Luckily I held it til I got home. .I.know the foot thing seems weird but it would be like a guy into boobs being handed beer and sandwiches by a super hot topless girl all night long. Thats just one example of what I "put up with" all day long. One big tease and the girls doing the teasing are oblivious. The sandals and bare feet get me hot and it never ends, and I wouldnt change a thing!
redgator2007 redgator2007 41-45, M 2 Responses Feb 4, 2013

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I believe this is the best description of what a foot fetish is. Well written and so validates your need for daily relief.

I love this exp share x