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Sometimes A Man Just Can'T Do The Job

I feel so left out of the ****** club. No man has ever been able to give me an ******. It seems like everytime after I get done having sex and he slips his hard wet **** out of my vagina I replace it with my small, soft hand. I trail down my stomach, and lightly play with my **** until I think of some sick, twisted sexual fantasy and start fingering myself until I make myself *** over and over again bringing on an intense ******.Sometimes a man just can't please you like you please yourself.
CatTECH CatTECH 18-21, F 7 Responses Feb 5, 2013

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If he **** first have him clean up till your done. Either he wil last longer or eat a lot of his *** often.. Either way you win..

That is a sad tale. Sounds like you have been with some people that are selfish and not possessing the correct skills. You need a man that is willing to put you first sexually instead of his own satisfaction. You man need to take the time to show your guys what you like and what gets you off instead of you getting yourself off.

I think you should invest more time in teaching your men... or find one tat will either bring another guy home with him or maybe a girl. Would that work for you and your fantasies?

That is sad :-(

challange accepted !!!

Thats not good hun, you should let a guy go down on you, i love to give a woman oral sex, its a quick way to make a woman *** several times as long as you take your time and react to her movements and moans you'll soon make her *** and ***!