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I'M So Stiff At This Moment

I've been watching a video, over and over, with a young schoolgirl, who pulls her skirt up, and masturbates, through her pink panties.
She doesn't pull them aside, she just fingers herself to ******, and squirts her love juice through her panties. She looks delightfull as she **** - her little moans turn into screams of pleasure, and at that moment of ultimate pleasure, her hand is rubbing her **** so fast.

Then she ****, and her panties visibly show her juices soaking through.

Ive watched it 10- 15 times -and I've gotta blow my load soon- wow Shes incredible - about 15-16 years old- and stunningly beautiful. How I wish I could put my hardness up in her hole. Wow
deleted deleted 26-30 Feb 16, 2013

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