The Shower

Don't know exactly what it is about showering. But showering to my body means ************.

Whether the warm water over my head, shoulders and all over, or the intimacy of being naked and alone, I don't know. But it only takes a few moments and I'm erect and ready.
oxfordsea oxfordsea 41-45, M 1 Response Feb 17, 2013

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Soap, making things slick, the edge of a fresh bar pressed where it feels good, and borders on pain.....the tile...insulating the sounds from getting out and exposing you, but also giving a nice echo, if you like hearing your voice amplified a bit....the water, another muffling of sounds of pleasure....but heating your whole body up.

Oh, I get it. Always thought it would be a fun place to explore with another. As long as the water heater holds up.