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All The Time !!!

Im very insatiable and in constant need of pleasure all the time,no matter where Im at or what Im doing,Ill find a way to pleasure myself,and I try to make it as excitingas possible,and usually I cant help it as it usually happens alot out in public places.

It doesnt matter wether Im driving,at work,home or just wherever Im at I always have a way to pleasure myself,I think its alot of fun to have a silent ****** sitting right across from someone and they never even know it and its things like that that I enjoying doing.

I think that most of my pleasure is achieved away from home.Im semi-retired but still work part-time at a law firm as a receptionist,and I love sitting at my desk with my skirt so that anyone that notices can all but see everything,but they cant see the butterfly vibe that my pantyhose are holding in place or the ******* or just how soaked I am from the excitement,not to mention that the firm has alot of women that works there and so alot of them are usually dressed in business suit skirts and blouses or dresses,and from time to time I enjoy the ocassional event of one of them dropping a file folder or something and squatting bending over or stooping(well you get the picture) to pick it up and the exelent views that I get from them so with that I can feel another ****** coming on as these things excite me so much,and it stands to reason as Im around things that remind me of sex all the time and keeps me in constant need of pleasuring myself,some would say I have a serious problem,"well ya think" but I say that my only problem is that I cant get enough of something that is so good and so I ask what the harm in that!!!!!
maturemuff54 maturemuff54 51-55, F 6 Responses Feb 17, 2013

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What a hot story ingot me hard and I am ******* off now

Hmmmmm ....oohh god ... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

That is awesome! Me's like a multi-time a day thing......and it's all done in a bathroom stall at work.......I just can't seem to get enough....then I hit up my wife at home, too! Add me please, I'd love to swap stories!

I love your story. I am horney all tne time as well but a little harder for as I am a guy but the bathroom at work gets a lot of work. Please add me so we can share stories.

mmm,I find you interesting in the fact that usually a girl and her vibes are usually kept very private,so to know that your sis uses a butterfly vibe really makes me wonder about you,is there something you want to share,if your sis looks good Ill take her!!!

Being a "hot" woman is such a gift, be happy with it. That "butterfly" vibe is marvelous isn't it, my sis uses hers a lot