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************ Master

Close your eyes and relax he says , let your hands be mine.

I take a deep breath and obey, I always obey.

Now my pet, gently feel my hands caress your face, your eyes your lips and neck. I do.

He instructs me to run my hands over my breast and gently pinch my nipples until there hard.. feel the pain and the pleasure I give you my pet. I sigh at the gentle part of my master I have not seen before.

Continue to caress your hands down your stomach and back up to your breast and squeeze. Know how much your master wants you!
I feel choked up and a tear falls to my cheek.

Now are you wet for me? Reach down and feel yourself .. tell me if your wet for your master. I slip my fingers down and I am wet and wanting him to be with me.

I tell him yes sir, i am wet and I need you as I always do.

Now insert one finger and tell me how it fills, do you need another one my pet. I whimper and say yes sir I need more. He tells me to add another and move them in and out.

Now with the other hand, rub the **** and I want you to *** for me do you understand my pet. I say yes through the moans.
You know that you master cares for you and another tear falls.

I am so over whelmed with emotions that I don't know if I can *** as instructed but I move my fingers deeper and rub my **** harder. I close my eyes and picture him and the lovely words we have shared.

I go harder and shatter.
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Great story, made me sooo hard reading it, I'd love to lick your fingers. Add me plaese... XXXX

Mmmmm, thank you for that great mental image.

I really like the visualization it's like I was right there, so you enjoy writing?

Yes I do but wish I was better.

Very good! - It is almost like watching you do yourself..Thank you!


wonderful story!

are you truly sated? or would you like MORE? My experience is that a good sub always wants more and more and more. Maybe i can demonstrate if you'd like me to.

Funny, I'm truly sated. Nice to see you pickup on the name.

Beautiful story...please add me to your circle

Awesome story! thanks for sharing!

Thanks for reading and commenting.

reading this was very erotic. thank you for sharing.



really so hot keep it up!

I plan on it, thanks.

You are very expressive!

I tend to put it out there, don't I :). Thanks

And also IN there apparently!

Ha! Funny guy. Yup I sure do.

And that is a wonderful thing!

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Great story sounds like a good instructor

My imagination runs wild sometimes.

Ok i was wondering about the matser part. you have a great imagination and you write great as well.
Thanks for the story