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EP = Horny Me

My man is great at pleasuring me!! He did only hours ago. :)

But, lying here I remember and get so horny. And I want to play with myself. I want to feel my **** throbbing with excitement ... feeling the climax and warm *** sliding from deep inside my tight
little ***** lips.

My fiance is so missing out. :) Should I rephrase that and say how I am missing out cuz he is sleeping? Lol right beside me.
deleted deleted 26-30 2 Responses Feb 18, 2013

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May I suggest that when you're in that situation again, you just lean over and begin sucking his ****, I think he'll be taking care of you in short order.

oooh wish i could be there to play with your nice wet ***** mmm I've ave good all sorts of tricks to make you even wetter and I've also got a nice throbbing hard **** that just loves to slide into nice hot little fuckholes and blow lots of hot *** deep inside mmmmm x