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Am I The Only One?

There are many ways to put this but I'm a horny *****.
I ********** a lot and I don't mind admitting to that
In the last year or so there are several circumstances in which I have been asked to ********** in front of others. I find this deeply humiliating but cant help but be turned on by it. Even on an occasion a couple of months back where the guy I was with had be ********** myself to ****** in front of him, two of his friends and their partners, all of whom were clothed ... even then the arousal was so intense, I was so humiliated I cried but when I came I was satisfied.
Is this normal for anyone else!?!
fatudders fatudders 26-30, F 10 Responses Feb 20, 2013

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Sounds great to me. Normal is whatever you like. I'd make you do that over and over again as you look at me and perhaps a few of my friends.

its good if you like it. after all we like what we like.

Luv it, I would love to chat :)

There's something so arousing about a submissive woman being humiliated to the point where the humiliation makes the ****** so intense. i had a **** buddy who loved being slapped when i ****** her. it turned me on so much to do that but for her she ended up ******* so hard. i love how hot it is that the woman knows she is just a 'horny *****' and her ***** needs it all the time. but what is a bigger turn on is knowing it's sexy hot AND 'dirty' and 'humiliating' to be slapped and verbally admonished for receiving so much pleasure and wanting so much pleasure the woman is ready to do anything for her ***** to ***. i think you are very hot ;)

thank you thats kind xx

Did you enjoy the humiliation?

yessir my **** get so wet when i am humiliated and degraded

I don't find it humiliating to ********** for someone, a bit embarrasing the first time but if they have asked to watch and they're clearly enjoying it then it's quite erotic and exciting.

I love to ********** in front of my husband and his friends. I encourage them to jack off also. Once I cumm I go to each and suck them off. I usually end up maturbating again until one or more can get hard again so I can **** them

ooo your reply made me smile youre a lucky woman xxx

I'm the same way.

Although I am also horny all the time, I do not have sex with my husband (by choice since I do not want to catch something from him). I ********** as often as possible - sometimes in public. I would love to be able to ********** in front of others, to have them watch and listen to any and all comments. Hmmm I think that will be food for thought in tonight's session. Thank you for posting.

youre welcome love. Let me know if you turn fantasy to reality!

************ is such a gift. When my partner isn't available, we sometimjes use Skype to ********** with each other, and if Skype isn't available, we put our phones on speaker and talk to each other while we **********. It's almost as good as if we were together. Hope your session tonight is a good one

How often do you need it?
I'm 24/7 horny...

Im like you - Im always ready

So today I ****** 6 times and played 4 the moment it's the 5th round with myself...but I think it will be the last for today...
I never found a lady that was able to stand my extreme sex drive...

and you have no idea how hard finding someone to keep up is and i bat for both teams!

Of yourse I know...I very often **** 2 or 3 women a day because of my ongoing hornyness

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Id love to give you a hand or a nice hard **** !

Great offer and why not both *smiles*

I am a giver ... lol I'd give whatever she may like or whatever she need a hand with. Same goes to you tooo ;-)

mmmm sounds delightful to me. I am always in need and love to give back in return. :)