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In a Shower, Bubble Bath, Or In My Bed... Its Great

I am pretty much writing this story right now because I am horny lol. But basically I love to **********. I am a very horny person for some reason that I don't understand, and sometimes I just crave the way it makes my body feel. A lot of times I will take a nice hot steamy shower or a warm bubble bath and pleasure myself while the water warms my body. I have actually woken up after having an extremely hot dream and pleasured myself before I went back to sleep lol. I don't see anything wrong with it and it feels damn good so why not :) In fact I will probably go upstairs in a little bit because it is 2 am, the house is quiet, but I am horny so I will probably ********** before I go to bed.

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I love a nice warm bath too !

I am always horney too -.-

sounds great to me. can I *** over?

love to be one of your toys.

there is nothing wrong with that.

You go girl.....

Me too, except I have to deal with the sticky clean up afterward

indeed nothing worst than to clean up after pleasuring yourself

Go for it girl!

Enjoy yourself!