In a Shower, Bubble Bath, Or In My Bed... Its Great

I am pretty much writing this story right now because I am horny lol. But basically I love to **********. I am a very horny person for some reason that I don't understand, and sometimes I just crave the way it makes my body feel. A lot of times I will take a nice hot steamy shower or a warm bubble bath and pleasure myself while the water warms my body. I have actually woken up after having an extremely hot dream and pleasured myself before I went back to sleep lol. I don't see anything wrong with it and it feels damn good so why not :) In fact I will probably go upstairs in a little bit because it is 2 am, the house is quiet, but I am horny so I will probably ********** before I go to bed.

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I love a nice warm bath too !

I am always horney too -.-

sounds great to me. can I *** over?

It's a turn on to read what you write because of that I would love to know you more. I love that naughty coupled with the nice in your name.

love to be one of your toys.

there is nothing wrong with that.

yes do it almost all the time

You go girl.....

Me too, except I have to deal with the sticky clean up afterward

indeed nothing worst than to clean up after pleasuring yourself

Go for it girl!

Enjoy yourself!