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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Awwwwgasm is a precious gift of evolution, designed to reward us for the act of reproduction, so that we will desire to perpetuate our species. It is a mechanism which seems to work very well!

We higher order mammals have discovered that we can achieve the same intense euphoria by self-stimulation, and so we do.

There is that joke that goes: Why do dogs lick their balls? Because they can.

And, as Woody Allen said: Don't knock m4sterbayshon; it's sex with somebody you love.

amberdextrous amberdextrous 51-55, M 4 Responses Nov 7, 2009

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good job :)...<br />
<br />
thank God/dess for these gifts :)) LOL

Egads, clarkee! You found me here! I had forgotten about this story...

i dont know who cg is but theyre gone, you can come out now. i never heard that joke. heehe<br />
and we all know about woody allen (ahem). i love woody allen.

(clears throat) Oh, hi there CG! Fancy meeting you here! (Fancy meeting you anywhere!)