(1) In (3) Is One Too Many! Please Join Me In Showing Your Support

Did you know that 1 in 3 teens is abused in a relationship. What's worse, 80% of them continue to date their abuser and 66% never report the abuse to anyone.

I went to a high school of 900 people.  The math is simple -- by the time we graduated, approximately 300 of my classmates had either lived in or were living in an abusive relationship.

Please join me in standing up for those who are too scared to speak for themselves.  Join with me to show people that violence DOES NOT equal love.

Here's how you can help:

FIRST ---> Donate your Experience Project profile picture to support the campaign for the entire month of MARCH 2009!  (Just take the image below and claim it as your one for the rest of this month)

SECOND ---> Join others who have already stepped up to show their support and sign this pledge to stop the violence, to stop the abuse and to live with LOVE:


THIRD ---> If you have a personal story of abuse... please SHARE it here.  This is the destination for this campaign.  The place for people to share openly and to realize that THEY ARE NOT ALONE.

With these three things... we can stand together and make a difference because (1) in (3) is ONE too many.

Thank you.


EPjake EPjake
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Abuse by Blair;<br />
when i telephoned Oxford University and spoke to one of the law professors about this ghastly affair the situation was as follows;<br />
Mine and my children's lives had been threatened if we reported this abuse being directed against us to the police.<br />
this threat came via a telephone call to our home and it caused my terminally ill and severely brain damaged husband to suffer a heart attack.<br />
All of his medical and DWP records had been fraudulently misrepresented.<br />
there was a brain scan in his medical records that was not his.<br />
We had been reduced to living on £6 a week there was a "problem" with his social security benefits.<br />
This lack of funds caused us to become involved in an horrific debt situation facing eviction and with myself my husband's sole carer facing imprisonment for non payment of council tax.<br />
our local authority's agent came to our home and condemned our gas fires leaving us in the height of the winter with no form of heating.<br />
i had to burn our furniture to keep my dying husband warm.<br />
there was a fax machine that called me regularly in the early hours of the morning.<br />
i had to answer the telephone as at this point in time I had an elderly and infirm mother who may have needed help in an emergency.<br />
this changed when she was admitted to our local hospital to undergo a minor operation.<br />
she died of pneumonia when a water pipe above her hospital bed burst and she was drenched several times in freezing cold water.<br />
My young son who had moved in with his gran to care for her was evicted by the local authority and made homeless.<br />
the local authority slapped him with an enormous bill for my mother's rent and council tax although she was not obliged to pay either of these bills.<br />
they seized all of my mother's possessions although she was in no way indebted to them at the time of her death<br />
By this time I was becoming very upset by this abuse and so I said if it does not stop forthwith I will publish details of the abuse on the internet.<br />
At which point Trading Standards Officers went to my daughter's home and accused her fiance of copying computer games.<br />
Next they went to his employer with their unsubstantiated allegations and he was dismissed from his £38k job.<br />
He and my daughter lost their home.<br />
So my son loaned them £1800 as a deposit on a rented flat nearer home.<br />
The Barrister advising them on this "prosecution " told him to plead guilty to the charges to avoid punitive legal fees in defending himself," you will get community service as this would be your first offence"<br />
He didnt he was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment part of which time he spent in a maximum security prison rubbing shoulders with murderers and rapists.<br />
Whilst all of this was going on I was desperately trying to get some competent medical attention for my dying husband.<br />
i happened upon some research papers written by a Canadian micro biologist whose research described my husband's condition.<br />
i wrote to him about the case and he wrote back to me telling me that he had worked on American Military Biological research into my husband's condition and he advised me to ask his GP to conduct some genetic tests on him looking for the micro organism mycoplasma.<br />
By threateneing to park my dying husband outside of the surgery with a ten foot sign reading "smoking kills so do the GP's at this practice" I managed to persuade them to send him for the tests.<br />
I was taking my husband who by this time was unable to walk to the surgery after he had been denied treatment at our local hospital I had taken him there when he began to urinate blood.<br />
I was using a tesco's supermarket trolley<br />
He lost consciousness outside of the GP surgery their receptionist called an ambulance and he died 4 days later at the local hospital.<br />
My husband was exterminated as part of some insane eugenics programme being conducted by Blair in order to weaponize the micro organism which caused his death it was necessary to severely traumatize the victim my poor husband.<br />
Professor Scott the microbiologist told me that almost everyone in Canada,America and Europe has been deliberately infected with this micro organism as part of this G20 agenda of the World's leaders<br />
So you all have this to look forward to obviously dependant on your genetic type;<br />
<br />
My husband shuffled for an inch at a time in the shape of an upside down set square using 2 sticks before gasping for breath.<br />
He had septicaemia<br />
Although he never drank alcahol he had cirhossis of the liver which led to renal failure.<br />
his heart collapsed.<br />
he had no oxygen at all in his blood cells which meant when he coughed he blacked out and dropped like a stone it was very alarming to witness this.<br />
He had yeast growing in his blood stream.<br />
he exuded the most horrendous stench so I was told by leakage from his lymph glands.<br />
I am trying to have some form of enquiry formed particularly in view of the fact that his post mortem report has been witheld by the Coroner's Office.

do you know how to combat political abuse in the UK?<br />
I joined the Hate Tony Blair group in the hopes of establishing the answer to this question.

Thanks for sharing, I didn't realize it was that high the abuse rate among teens that's sad and scary :(

Thank you EPJake. I had no idea the numbers were so high. My oldest daughter was in an abusive marriage and it robbed her of all her self esteem. I had to go get her from a battered woman's shelter 200 miles away. One of the worst days of my life! I appreciate you bringing about the awareness. If it saves just one person from abuse, it would have been worth the effort. Thanks again.

This is truely sad when you think about it. I have a teenage daughter and she's been mentally abused by ex-boyfriends and I hope it's never been physical. If it has she's never told me but maybe I'll ask. My ex-wife was and possibly still is a hitter. She would also throw things at times. Even though she would do that kind of thing to me I never hot her back or threw anything back at her. I feel for anyone who has been through this type of relationship. I'm a firm believer that a man should never hit a woman and vise versa but then that's how I was raised.

I personally am caring about a woman who knew nothing but abuse for years, and I can see how it's inhibited her happiness ... very worthy cause EPjake ...

Thanks for doing this Jake. I support this cause as well because i am in an abusive relationship both physically and verbally. people always think it will get better but it doesnt. A lion cant change his stripes unless he wants to and unless your guy is actively seeking therapy to change and better himself, the stories he tells you about wanting to get better are just that stories, and bold face lies. being abused changes you, it makes you feel week, makes you feel worthless makes you feel like giving up. But you have to remember to not give up. your life is bigger than this man that is hurting you and more important. he is not the only person that is capable of loving you and honestly you can be loved much better. If you can leave, leave, dont put hope into something hopeless. You deserve better.

...as for the teen thing it happened only once to my daughter and it wasn't as bad as it could have gotten had she remained in the relationship. He got mad and pushed her 100lb, 5ft body hard against the lockers which scared the crap out of her. She's a smart cookie though and not only dumbed him before it got out of hand but told me... I'd say my near miss in my truck was pretty generous of me, next time he becomes a hood ornament!

I support your causes because I believe that you and I stand for the same things - young children, young adults, or even older adults should NOT be subject to abuse in ANY form... <br />
<br />
I have to say that I live in a verbally abusive relationship right now, and hate it. I know how others feel about not getting out - it's so frightening.... especially when there are children involved. I'm working on it though - still to some amazement.<br />
<br />
Abuse robs you of everything that is good. It devours your self esteem, corodes you emotions, distorts your feelings of love, and can make you feel meaningless and worthless. Not nice....<br />
<br />
<br />