Gay Teens

Many GLBTQ teens get in unhealthy relationships and no one cares. They often can't tell their parents about it, because society is so ****** they have to keep the entire relationship in the dark. Very bad things happen in the dark. An abuser can mistreat the person they are dating all that they want, nobody can stop it because they don't know about it.

The only thing that can be done about dating abuse is to bring it out into the light. To tell your story, to share your voice. Gay teens can't always do that. They're stuck in this darkness, with no real escape. Not to mention the abuser could threaten to "out" them if they speak up about the abuse.


It happened to me.

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

I'm so sorry, and its wrong that gay/lesbians are so stigmatized too :( that must makes it harder when they get into relationships.:( I'm sorry you went through that

I am sorry 2 here that . There R some Fu@ked up people out there !!!