I Love To Pluck My Eyebrows.

I pluck them everyday. At first, it was something I had to do to keep my eyebrows looking decent. But I kinda became addicted to plucking my eyebrows. I do them everyday, usually more than once. And if I'm upset, I reach for the tweazers. It's really odd but it's just me.

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If my hair is greasy I tend to scratch or pull but not when it's just washed so, I find if I clean my brows using soapy water & a cotton wool pad they feel clean and I don't want to touch them.P.S. if you've been around London, especially the tube, the cotton wool pad will turn dark grey!<br />
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Tip 2) I do it if I lose concentration, so it's time for a break ... do some exercise or pick up a guitar or something productive.

I was wondering if something is wrong with me or if its a minor compulsive thing. I normally pluck the middle when I'm in deep thought. Or once I feel a hair growing I have to pluck it right away using my finger nails. But I usually don't over pluck. I have thick eyebrows so I think I've just been Paranoid since I was a little girl.

its actually likes to depression,when you pluck your eye brow you feel relaxed and strees has lifted but over plucked and this sort of addiction in the need to do it constantly could be a sign of compulsive disorder or maybe a symptom of stress,maybe im wrong just thought id share

observant? lolz <br />
yeah i understand i pencil in too when theres a special occasion.. sometimes i pluck too much but its better than hitting things X] np :]

You aren't the only one. Trust me. I don't know why I do it.. people keep asking me and I'm like, "I dunno! It's addictive!" and sadly now I hardly have any eyebrows. Whenever they grow out I take a pencile without an eraser and use my nail and the metal part to pluck them. <br />
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Wait, don't judge me now! Let me explain!<br />
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People get weirded out when I tell them what I do, and ask if it hurts. I say, "Not anymore. It's sort of numb." Which it is. Some dude was like, "So it's your own personal way of cutting?" I guess so, I mean, I do it when I'm sad or stressed. After I do it, I feel fine. But when I see the bald spots I bash myself... causing me to do it more. Sometimes I even do it to my eye-lashes.. -_-<br />
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But some people say they don't notice it. Because I have a light color of hair, it looks like I just have very light colored eye-brows. This makes me feel less bad, but I know some people are more.. what's the word..? I forgot lol! X3 But they see things other people don't. <br />
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Call me sick, weird, a freak, whatever you want. I'm used to it. But I guess I just wanted that off my chest..

Lolz. I only pluck mine. People always catch me "attacking" my eyebrows! X] It is really good though and harmless. I'm so glad someone understands.