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I'm a Plucker!

Everyone shaves nowadays! Or wax, or do that IPL type thing that costs a pretty penny.

Why not pluck and tweeze your way to neatness? A bonus if you lean towards OCD or happen to be a contortionist-in-training.

After trying out all three mentioned methods, this is the best hair removing technique I've found. It gives smoothness and absolute control over where you want to leave hair in, that is, if you want to leave hair in. The only hitch is he possibility of ingrown hairs. Cos after initial tweezing, those buggers grow back with the speed of weeds. And I'm talking overnight growth here. But that shouldn't be a problem for people who pluck, cos if you pluck, you'd have to like it, or you'll just, I dunno, keel over before you're even halfway done. Ingrown hairs have the unfortunate tendency to become inflamed and god forbid, infected. If you're lucky, you'll just get redness around the offended follicle, which will fade in time, hopefully. I suppose you can slather on some moisturizer or hypoallergic concoction to sooth any sore spots, but I don't and haven't noticed anything really bad happening down there. And, regularly tweezed hair gets finer, so there's a plus point.

Okay, so this was kinda random, and probably still is, but anyways, PLUCKERS UNITE!

justlikeyou justlikeyou 18-21, F 71 Responses Feb 21, 2008

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you should teach people about pain tolerance.

How do I get rid if the ingrown hair scarring?

Ok I have just started plucking my girly bits tonight!! I am not satisfied with shaving and hate the rough feeling if I rub upwards because it feels prickely. I have plucked a small 1 inch square patch in one side and smothered it in bio oil. It looks red and inflammed but no worse than any other area thats ever been plucked. I will do small test patches over the week and use the different ointments suggested above. The pain wasnt bad, not thrilling but not unbearable. Its lovely and smooth and surprisigly 10 minutes worth of plucking has removed alot of hairs there. I am wondering about the roots because some have quiet a big grey ***** looking head on the end coming out and some dont. Does that mean I didnt get the root on those ones? None of the hairs snapped but just funny that some are different. I do have ocd and cant walk past a flower on wallpaper without touching it. I like to be organised and would love my girly bits to be tidy. Not giving up on this and I will keep trying. I also found this by googling pluck my pubic hairs lol.

I don't pluck the entire thing, just about 3 inches of the hair. I keep a pair of tweezers at work and when ever I go to the bathroom I just pluck a few for about 5 minutes. It really helps to maintain

I find plucking a pleasurable, relaxing activity, like a cat does grooming. Over time, I have pulled out most of the roots without trying, so it is easy to maintain now.

And also always use Tendskin or Gigi make something called No Bump. Awesome stuff, I haven't had one ingrown yet.

I just plucked my mons pubis after waxing there was some left over. For those that think it's painful, always tweeze in the direction that the hair is growing and pull the skin taut. It's really not that painful. Now armpit hair, waxing is for me. And those little nose hairs, ouch!! I can't stand being hairy especially since I'm female.

Does it hurt? ouch

Ive been plucking for a few months now. I only do the top part, i shave the hair on the vaginal lips. Now for the first week or two everything was fune but then ingriwn hairs started growing in. When i plucked those out i started getting scars and now my vagina looks terrible. I have bumps black marks, ingriwn hairs and scars everywhere. Im embarrassed to even wear a bikini let alone have sex with someone

OMG i did the exact same thing! what should i do?! they became infected and painful but are now healing and scarring!!! i really OVERPLUCKED and am scared the hair wont grow back fully fml

omg same here.. what did you do ??

like did you just leave it alone?

Slowly getting OCD.. started plucking when I was 12, with my eyebrows. Painful at first but as I started plucking my upper lip and pubic hair and today was the first time I did my armpits, it becomes strangely enjoyable. I pull the hair and a painful/enjoyable shivering tingle spread throughout my body. When I pluck my pubic hair I don't do it all: just clean the edges a bit. I understand that pubes are normal and I'm not ashamed to be a woman(in that sense.. But my knuckle hair unibrow and armpit hair can DIEE)(;

omg im 14 and i do the same thing ive been pulling out my hairs for 9 years.. starting with my eyelashes then eyebrows then as i got older puberty kiked i and i hated it.. shaving juss made it grow back faster so i tried tweezing and it with my arm pits legs private area and stuff

I pluck my pubes, my underarms, my ankles, my knees and my toes. It used to hurt like a beast, but know I kinda miss the sharp pain. I love plucking, I NEVER want to give it up!!!:)

Amazing I pluck too. I was getting tired of shaving and having the hair grow back 3/4 days later, and the embarrassing itching sensation I'd get from the hairs growing back. I guess I'm ocd but if I have a good audio book on the time just flies by. I find that if you shower with warm water before plucking, and moisturize with Avino, the hair comes out a lot easier with minimal pain and engrown hairs are not as likely to pop up. I find the most painful part to pluck are the bangs (the hair right at the apex of the vaginal lips) and also the area nearest the butt so I usually just veet that part. My boyfriend loves how smooth I am down there and that it lasts for about 3 weeks. I have also noticed that the hairs have been growing back more fine with each pluck session (I have done it about 5 times thus far) I wish i could do likewise with my armpits but i think I'm gonna have to stick with old fashioned wax strips for that. lol

wow I thought I was the only one. I actually detest the totally bare look and it distrubs me that young teenagers feel pubic hair is so aweful that it begins to affect how they look at themselves, or being non sexy. Its cultural. Look at 70's playboys, full bush was it. So for yrs i silently protested and went all natural, except for outside of bikini. But i guess i got bored this winter and tried it. I had done it briefly as a teen and wanted to see the results again. In two days I did everything i could see. The rest i left to shave. Now i keep the a small hood area. I dont like looking pre pubeceant but still has a clean look and feel. I guess I am lucky I dont get a lot of ingrows. I did some research though, did you know that priests in ancient egypt would pluck every hair in their body?

As 'anonymousbitches' said, I've been plucking and am now left with red bumps and scars. I've not plucked in a few months and have resorted to shaving, but to shave every day is such a hassle, and the itching when the hair regrows is just awful. I tend only now to shave on "special occasions" (when I've the hope of "pulling"), but what with the scars, I'm terribly embarrassed. Is it worth it? I don't know. The after-effect is brilliant, but one wrong move and it could be life-long disaster. I really hope that my scars fade as I'm only 18!

Just use some Vitamin E after using the tweezers. Vitamin E will help you heal in no time. Buy some Vit. E capsules and pinch 2-3 capsules and spread the oily content on the area. Also it doesn't heart to sterilize the tweezers before using and also to spread some medicinal alcohool on the area before plucking.

***** **** you, you have no idea what you're talking about or at least, you're stating your very lucky case as a general fact. I turned to tweezing my pubes because i got ingrowns and stuff but that's really not what bothered me, it's the scars and pimple that are the worst. I now realize that my obsessive compulsive bikini plucking gives me more pimples and they're like tiny but there's like battalion of them so my vadge doesn't feel smooth anymore. AND i have the scars so i feel embarrassed t wear bikinis because the scars are right at he bikini.
So what i wish to say is please do not lead peple to believe that plucking and tweezing is the best way to remove hair, because the side effects are horrible. And i'm gonna be having sex with my boyfriend who refuses to sleep with me if i have any hair down there and the baldness brings the pimples out in relief. Oh Joy

If your boyfriend refuses to sleep with you if there is any hair at all down there, I think you have bigger problems to deal with.

My wife spent at least 500 bucks on laser treatment {just the armpit}. So I was like, why don't you pluck? I tried to prove my point so three years ago, I started plucking. I love the clean look. It cost you nothing except for a little pain.

Today i plucked the last hair off from my lady parts,it took a couple of days to do it all. I got a stiff neck and sore fingers from all the tweezing but it was so worth it. For the more painful bits i dabbed on a bit of numbing cream and voila!
I tweeze my legs as waxing doesn't rip out all the hair, it wasn't as sore as i thought it would be.
I am a happy plucker and will be keeping it up as new hairs grow in, it is also the most cost effective, as all you need is tweezers and time.
Glad i found this page to read other people's experiences.

If you have just started to pluck, think twice. For some reason its like Crack to me. And, now I hate it but cannot stop. Has anyone tried the NONO?

I cant stop! started 2 years ago. My hair grows back overnight. I obsess when I can feel a hair. It takes hours aday, usually while Im watching TV. I cant seem to stop. It even looks bad now, & not all smooth. If I pull them out by the roots then how do they grow back so fast?

it's the very worst thing in the world. I've made a vow to stop plucking and shaving and only use depilatory cream. But what's annoying is that my pubic hair grows SO fridging fast!

Quick question; I just started plucking my pubic hairs a yesterday, and so far everything seems fine. The area was sore after I finished, but today it feels completely fine and very smooth. For ingrown hairs, how long does it take for it to become noticeable and uncomfortable?

Ingrown hairs feel like a pimple popping. It would take a week or two for you to notice it. It could become really uncomfortable. Sometime it would just poke out after a while. Sometime, I have to use a needle to "pry" it out.

Wow, I thought I was the only one...what a relief

I thought I was an absolute weirdo for doing this! I'm only 15 (16 next month) but I've been doing it for about 2 years haha, I'm a bit obsessed and have always been worried about myself and have always asked myself to just stop but I can't. I'm 100% a virgin and I literally do it out of boredom, so glad I did this research to see if I wasn't the only one, I feel soooo relieved I'm not on my own. Proud to be a plucker haha!

I have found that exfoliating the area daily that I have plucked helps eliminate ingrown hairs. I like the suggestion below of using NEOSPORIN. I am going to try that after I exfoliate today and will let you know how that works. Happy Plucking!!

I am a 56 yo male and started plucking about three years ago. I love the clean feeling and the pain associated with plucking has reduced considerably. I find I have become a bit obsessive but nothing that causes me concern. I sometimes wax further back as access is difficult any other way. I find few problems other than it being time consuming. I wish I could find a female to do it for me as I would enjoy doing it for her.

I tend to pluck mostly out of boredom. I'm still scared to pluck to far in, as it hurts SO much. I've noticed that since I started plucking the hair grows back finer it seems, and pretty quickly too. I've only plucked maybe 3 times besides the random hairs I missed while shaving and it's a noticeable difference in the thickness. I also don't have to put up with razor burn now trying to get that really close smooth feeling! Yay for pluckers :)

I've been plucking for several years now and although time consuming, it is worth it. I'm a 54 year old man and started doing it for my wife when we were married. She preferred to shave and spent more days during the month keeping herself bare than I did. We both enjoyed each others clean and fresh look. <br />
<br />
As mentioned in an earlier post, I find sunlight the best for doing a really good job. I have a secluded area in my back yard that serves this purpose free from prying eyes. Morning light is the best. Armed with a cup of coffee and my trusty, sanitized tweezers, I go to work down there.

Hey guys, since I'm new to plucking I'd like to know if any of you have a good way to get rid of the redness and bumps from it down there? If you know any remedies or soaps or anything of the sort would you please message me or reply? Thank you so much!

Oh my gawd!!!! I feel so much better that i know other people are plucking there you know whats... i just got out of the shower and was looking at my legs as there was still hair on them and decided to pluck them and then i thought, why not pluck down there? So i got the tweezers and went away. i love how smooth it is and I've only done about a corner of my VA.J.J. and can't wait to finish the rest. With shaving i was always itchy and saw the hair immediately grow back like in 12 hours. It was so gross especially when i had bumps and sours from it. And now I'm glad to find fellow pluckers doing more than just their faces!!!

I enjoy plucking and the smoothness afterwards. Looking to try something new....Looking for a female that is into plucking pubic hair to get together and have a "Plucking Party"......LOL. Just someone to explore and share a new experience with.

Hello, I too am a plucker. I was tired of how fast regrowth was after shaving. I used to pluck a few years ago and stopped and have recently started again and I have no idea why I ever stopped! It's the best. People are mentioning vaseline to help with bumps and ingrown hairs but I have found the best product for this, NEOSPORIN! It's amazing. It helps prevent infections in ingrown hairs because it kills bacteria and the pain reliever in it is an extra plus! I pluck and then apply the neosporin (I am very liberal with it) and the next day any little pinches or red spots are virtually gone