What Is PMP?

PMP's are  certification exams that project managers take to prove that they have the knowledge it takes to drive a project successfully.  These are similar to the CPA exam that an accountant takes, the bar exam that a lawyer takes, or medical boards that doctors take to certify their ongoing knowlege.    PMP’s are important to individual Project Managers, but in order to gain PMP’s certain qualifications must be met. 

·         Education requirements include a minimum high school diploma, 5 years project management experience, and 35 credit hours of project management classes OR a Bachelor’s degree, 3 years experience, and 35 credit hours of project management classes.

·         A four hour exam must be successfully completed.  It has 200 questions.

·         There is a fee each time a potential PMP certified manager attempts to take an exam.  Some major employers will pay for the classes and/or have PMI certified staff on the payroll that will provide employees with instruction and practice testing before the exam date.  Before you pay for classes, check with your senior manager or HR personnel to see if your company offers these classes.  It benefits the company for you to have this certification so don’t be afraid to ask.

·         Every three years the Project manager must complete 60 PDU Credit hours to maintain the certification.

·         There are additional requirements I haven’t mentioned so check this information out if you are considering a career in project management.


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Thanks for your comment husselbalnk.

I would suggest PMStudy to all to take up PMP Certification

I worked internationally.

wow, so what region and how many plants is in your project?

I have to get re-certified :-( as I didn't get my PDU's in.

Great to pass on what you have done onto others that maybe looking to get into the same field as yourself.

Awesome though. it is truly a blessing to be able to inspire others. I am glad you had this experience.