My heart is torn between two
Between someone I have
And someone I yearn for
One I see all the time
The other I see rarely
I talk with both of them
They both send my heart pounding

I want one
I have one
I could have both
But everyone would get hurt
My heart aches
From the turmoil in my mind
I can't have the one I want
For if I do
More people will be hurt
Friendships will be lost
Guilt will drown me
Tossing me around like a doll
The guilt will consume me
Causing all enjoyment to decay

I want both
I can't have both
The decision weighs heavy in my chest
I know what I must choose
The one I yearn for
Must be pushed away
The one I have
I will stay with
Nobody will get hurt
As long as my heart
Can handle my decision

Not swaying
Not cheating
My mind contemplates having both
It knows its wrong
But my heart is greedy
It wants to have both

But not get hurt
Getting hurt is inevitable
Someone always gets hurt
No matter how well it goes
It will end badly
Tearing my heart
Into little pieces
Because then I have neither

Then I am alone
Shivering from the guilt
Crying because of the shame
To prevent that
I chose

Locking up one side of my heart
Keeping out the other
Opening up the other side
Letting the one I have in
I must stay with my decision
Or else risk peril
cvercimak cvercimak
13-15, F
1 Response May 18, 2012

Just curious, is it based on real life events?? Nevertheless, nice work!