Shattered Hearts

Why does love hurt so much?
When it's supposed to be so warm?
I see happy couples
arm in arm.
Laughing and talking
well I stand in the shadows, alone.

Being alone is something I know.
I've dated others
yet that was brief happiness.
Never having loved someone
until now.

The love I feel is broken
shattered like glass.
Littering the floor,
causing me to watch where I step.
Hoping not to shatter it more.
Blood covers the floor
coming from the remnants of my heart.

Well I'm standing in the shadows,
the steps I take shatter the glass.
Causing more blood to spill
and cover the ground.

Shattered hearts cause shattered minds.
Shattered minds cause shattered personalities.
The mask people wear hide many things.
They hide their pain, grief, and guilt.
Covering their shattered personalities.
Putting on their mask everyday,
keeps their lives together.
cvercimak cvercimak
13-15, F
May 18, 2012