True Poem

The store that was cleaned every night from someone that worked alone,

was near the bad side of town,where to police was very well known.

The store closed late at night,usually around ten PM,

mostly by young women that feared what lurks outside,and the harm that could come to them.

Some would get threatened for money,or for a couple of cigarettes,

and by the time the police got there,the bad guys gone,no chance to arrest.

Then one night a young cashier,in panic ran back into the store,

threats of violence put her in tears and fear,now his anger took over,he would'nt take anymore.

She held onto him,until the sobbing stopped,and she eventually calmed down,

then made sure she got to her car safely that made her smile instead of a frown.

The night cleaner quietly went back,to the job that he was hired for,

thinking of how to protect the young people,that are trying to make a living,working in a grocery store.

He spent the next few nights learning the faces outside that put these people in fear,

never telling anyone in the store,someone that will fight for them,is now here.

Now late at night, after the store employees have safely gone home,

he steps out the back door to look for the faces,that to him are now known.

Around the first dark corner of the store,he runs into the worst three,

sitting against the wall getting drunk,bragging how they got their liquor,almost for free.

Anger and rage had taken full control over him,that all three of these men could sense and see,

the first man he grabbed got his face busted up, from being slammed hard into his knee.

The other two scrambled unsteadily,trying desperately to get to their feet,

but the rage in him did'nt stop,until both their faces looked like bloodied meat.

Word passed quickly,to the violent drunks that hung around,

some new guy working nights,and he's using his fists hard and beating us to the ground.

The next eight months he spent beating the hell out of the abusive that thought easy targets are here,

until finally the nights were quite,and the people working late,could go home with no fear.

Six years have gone by now,and the night cleaner,he has moved on,

but he will never forget all those nights,silently protecting the ones he grew so fond of.

Every now and then he still takes late night walks past this store,

just making sure it's still quiet,no violence,no more.

And if the violent drunks come back, because they think now he's gone,

a rude awakening they will get,when they find out that their wrong.

This story is TRUE everyone,I'm here to say,

How do I know,because I see him in the mirror,every day.

shadow49 shadow49
51-55, M
2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I totally agree with you Quintesse,I should have given more thought to the idea of fighting fire with fire.
It just seemed like the only solution at that time,at that place.

First of all --<br />
I have to go on record as stating that I abhor violence and that maybe there could have been another way in terms of intimidation...<br />
But secondly--<br />
Way to go. Nobody likes a bully, ( I have been the victim of bullying) and you took on the whole lot of them and your intentions were admirable.<br />
In any case, you got it done. You are... a hero. <br />
Plus, and this is my favorite part--<br />
You managed to express this within the confines of poetry.<br />