Where Are The Police?

Im new to this but need to discuss this.About 3months ago a guy my wifes family know came back to town,he is an ex criminal,and moved in with my wifes nan,her nans sister and daughter (adult) everything was ok till he didnt need anything from us,up till then we gave him lifts etc,and he started threats,tried to start fights and then be normal again,at first we ignored it then we found out he not only drinks before and during driving he is regulary over the posted speed limit by 10km+,we did the right thing and told the police and they said they would look into it,nothing happened.The other night he turned up at our place drunk and possibly on drugs and tried to start a fight ,we told him to leave and he then started making threats to both of us even saying he was going to get a gun,I called the police and 30mins they turned up,by now he had drove off,we explained what happened,car and plate description and again got told they would look into it and again nothing,he does what ever he likes and I just cant believe the police do nothing.I used to be very careful with driving,no drinks,no drugs etc and now wonder "whats the point?,he has shown that he can get away and the police who are supposed to be cracking down on speeders,drink drivers and the such just turn a blind eye.I have emailed police HQ and never heard back,same for crimestoppers.Are my wife and I justified in thinking that police are ignorant and while are very happy trying to bust pensioners and low wage familys for the smallest thing,turn a blind eye to a convicted felon who break all laws.
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1 Response Feb 16, 2013

Wow... A police officer can't do much in this case. They would have to catch him committing a crime. Without probable cause, a police officer may not enter the residence, vehicle, or possessions. That would be classified as an illegal search. When an illegal search is committed, the evidence obtained cant be used. Making it a waste of everyone's time. If you relax and think about it, you should know that unless the ex-con lets an officer into his house, there is nothing they can do. I suggest you get a restraining order if you are frightened.