Politics and Being Gay

We don't discriminate against gays in Western Civilisation any more. Why should politics be any exception?

Edit: I don't consider California to be part of Western Civilisation.

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haha, I could get so much action if I was gay! It just doesn't float my boat :(

It is about what cues the response. It is not particularly conscious, it is just how we are made.<br />
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So, I'm driving my wife to work. As we pass by the court building, there is a stunning brunette in a very well tailored suit, short skirt, stilettos, the works. As I turn my head to gawk, I see my rider's head going in the same direction. She is not asking me to keep my eyes on the road. I say, "you saw her." She answers, "what her, that guy makes his cop uniform look good." I didn't even see the guy; she did not see the girl. Neither of us had any control over the filters. It is what cues that that determines preference; and, I believe, is mostly beyond our control.<br />
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Why should I have any antipathy towards someone who's sexual construct is different than mine?<br />
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I have considered becoming bi however, as I understand it doubles my chances for a date on a Saturday night.

I live in California and there are allot of people who stil arnet comfortable arround gay people. But there is allot of people like that in the world. California is more open I think as a state but as individual people... it can be a little tough. Also depending on what community you live in can depend on it.

I think that California is the most open place for gays. Not everyone is homophobes, though here in Ky, its not accepted.

Shame on you RH!! You shouldn't generalize! I speak for those Californians who are not bigots or homophobes :-) There are alot of us!! hehehe!