This Is What I Think.

You always here people say, "I wonder why life is like this...." or "I wonder why existence is so important...." Usually, these ruminating people are those who are complaining about "how bad" they have it.

Let me ask you something: Are you dead yet?

This isn't the question where you answer, "Yes...on the inside." I'm being serious. Are you dead yet?

This is an easy question right?
You live, you breath, you exist.

People say that because they are in a certain type of enviroment, they can't "live". Living isn't a lifestlye. It's an experience. Pain, anger, hatred, sadness...all of these emotions and happenings are experiences.

You say, "If there is a God, why doesn't he fix all this **** wrong with the world?" Know what I say? Why should he, and let you take the easy way out of things?
You say, "It's just existing to survive," but know what I think? If you're wishing that someone was there to take away all your troubles, then how are you really survivng? I don't think you are at all. Because the minute you lose your pillar, you won't last a moment in the real world.

Ha ha, the real world. Doesn't that sound funny? Although, we all have our definitons of the term, want to know mine?

Real world--the time and place where you look all around you, notice that no one will ever give a damn about your troubles because they have their own, look and see that the world makes mince meat out of everyone, and then you shrug your shoulders and decide that thinking you have it bad just isn't worth it, and you learn how to rise above whatever Hell you trap yourself in.

Or, to put it simply, growing up.

Whatever problems you have, it's not the world's fault.
It's your own for talking instead of acting.

Because the more you just talk talk, the more it's Hell's fire you'll feel, and I'm telling you now, if you don't learn how to stop complaining about your own damn problems and FIX them, then you will not make it. You will die. And your death will be horrible and painful, and not even your God could help you out of it.

Because you think your current problems are Hell? Well they aren't. Keep thinking like that, and the only thing that will entrap you in Hell is yourself.

I wish you the best of luck.

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Jul 13, 2010