Goodbye Is The Hardest Word

I never like Goodbyes.. Not from friends...not from relatives....and most of all not from someone I love from the bottom of my heart.

Everyday passes by with me wondering if 'tomorrow' will be a goodbye for 'us'.   How brave will he be to tell me....and how disheartening I will feel should that moment present itself via the phone...or skype...or will it be just an email?  How am I going to pull thru this fear of losing him....  how many thousands of questions will be in my brain day and nite asking myself what went wrong between us..... 

I have 2 more nites before I board the plane back home.... 2 more nites of loving him in person.... 2 more nites of not wanting to say Goodbye.... 2 more nites to cherish the love he gives me.....

Eternal Eternal
31-35, F
4 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Long distance needs a lot of patience and trust..honesty and love. I have them all... with a plus of the word 'fear'..which is not suppose to be the ingredient...

I totally understand you. I have done the long distance relationships. My ex was travelling the world and we met in the beginning of his trip. We fell in love and then he started this 8 month journey. I knew that day he left I would not see him for a long time. after a few months he couldn't take it and he left me. Every guy I met seems to leave me and not want to call me. SO I am like you and hate goodbyes. It seems like everything in my life keeps coming to an end. I'm trying to stay positive that the world works for me but its very hard when you care for people but have to keep saying goodbye.

I am

Try not to think about saying goodbye so much. Just enjoy the time you have.