I was just thinking about themes of hardship or heartache we all experience. Sometimes I'll think about something and never have an answer to it, like what if there never IS an answer for it? Like, why do innocent children die each day? Why do we have to feel so low about ourselves, compare each other, etc.? And, if these are just 'thoughts', aren't thoughts illusory? If someone judges me, or thinks they can 'judge ' someone with the thoughts swarming their mind, can't I realize that a invisible notion someone has of me, is ONLY that- a fleeting moment of some observations they have, in words, or ideas, strung together, that could never 'be', or encompass, Me? Thoughts are not permanent, and as many philosophers have noted, nothing, is permanent- only time and space itself. How can we think we could Ever judge someone else ??? Yet, often I feel low or compare myself STILL, and feel that some 'outer' notion about me will be judged. But I know deep down no one 'can', nor could I (would never want to anyway) judge another.

Even the thoughts I had and formulated in this story are fleeting.. I just want to feel like there is SOME thing I can rely or count on in this life.. and feel good and safe. I guess, I might conclude, fleeting thoughts or 'judgements' are safe, if I know, they are not Truth.
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Id love to talk about this particular topic if its OK with you. :) The fabric of reality will begin to unravel.

Yes, no problem, you mean in a story, or ? Ty for your comment and stopping by Cheese *hugs

I meant that I love these sort of topics and would like to take a trip down the rabbit hole with you if thatd be ok? :) and no prob

True, Mind as a master is a disaster. Judging others in general is foolish, how do one judge by the intentions or by the end, we do not know.

I find that I judge someone by their inner person. Yes at first glance I might say dam that woman is fine. But once I get to know her I will form another opinion. Everyone's inner person is unique and precious and everyone portray's themselv's differently. I try to look beyond all the fake stuff and try to find the real person. This is hard but so worth it!

I so agree, Encontrados. Seeing someone on their outer shell, how they 'appear' is not necessarily who they are and in fact their looks are nothing of who they ARE... it is definitely the inner essence and heart.. you're very right E :) Ty so much for commenting.. hope your eve is going great!

Well said ma'am.

You've hit the philosophical nail on the head...of which people have been hitting over and over since the dawn of time, yet it's never driven in any further.

Thank you Dante You are so right.. appreciate your feedback:)

deep thoughts about thinking, thank you for sharing.

Thank YOU for commenting :)