my wife makes me wear skin tight womans jeans and demands that I **** in my pants as a punishment. sometimes I am simply required to **** in my pants deliberately just to embarass my self in front of her and sometimes she likes to make a game of it. On these occassioins I am required to slide my tight jeans down , bend over and recieve an emema. The enema has to be retained for at least 20 miniutes and then I am alowed to ask permission to relieve my self in the toilet. usually after 10 miniutes I am pleading for permission to avoid a messy acident in my pants .My wife loves to see me in that predicament and loves it when the enevitable happens. The agony of having to retain he enema , crossing my legs , clenching my butt cheeks , sitting down etc only prolongs the enevitable and as it draws nearer and I realise that I cannot possibly retain the large bowel full of now very runny ****, and I surrender myself to the emparrassing accident in my tight jeans. When I finally expode int my pants it is almost like an ****** with the relief of releasing my bowels and the feeling of my tight jeans filling up my butt crack up to the waistband of my jeans and then slowly sliding down the inside of my thighs down my calves to my anlkes completes my humiliation. My wife has tried to think of many variations of this theme including sqiuirting the enema into me and immediately inserting a large butt plug up my *** in an experiment to see if the plug would help retain the enema. Despite my efforts and as any body with experience wit butt plugs would tell you , it doesn't and only makes it messier. Once I have disgeaced my self in front of her my wife makes me pee in my tight jeans and then ********** in front of her.
keiith keiith
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you love it but dont say your misses makes you. be honest please

this story is fake and dont hide it. your new i can tell and ill be the frist to say. dont make up stories for us. every one on this cite wants to here the truth not some story to pealse us. no one will force you to crap yourself. every one that does this stuff is either afraid to do it with someone. afriad to tell them about it or doesnt trust anyone with it. your wife isnt real and please just tell the truth